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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Punishment Works ;-)

I did it!  I just finished the last flower box of my Townhouse.  I pretty much just doodled the greens after all the webbed flowers had been completed.  It was actually a pretty nice work session - quite relaxing and no chart reading necessary.  I added a little sterling silver bird, what else, perched on the front fence.  I also discovered that I lost my skein of dark green Vikki Clayton silk floss that I used for the leaved on the from and on the inside of the Townhouse.  I did find another skein of a lighter, more dusty green and opted to stitch with that instead of going insane looking for a skein in a haystack.  I decided that the back of the townhouse is the shade side and that the leaves there just don't get as much sun as the front-side plants do...  that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  So, now I am itching to finish up the piece, since it will only take an hour or so.  However, I do have more urgent tasks at hand; I need to pack for the cross-stitch retreat!

I just wanted to show you a quick pic before I start running around in the house, gathering assorted objects for the trip...  I already know what projects to bring and I even have a vague idea of what to bring for the Show & Tell session.  Other things include packing (and programming) the GPS, decide what snacks to bring (thank goodness for the conveniently located WalMart - about 2 minutes walking distance from work), and think about what to wear.  As a parenthesis, I can mention that DH forgot to pack undies last time we went on vacation.  WalMart came in really handy then too...  On the other hand, he did pack his toothbrush!  He cracks me up! 

I also laughed at the comment from Joysze.  She states that she is a "destination stitcher", which is a new concept to me - I love it!!  I will definitely have to remember that one.

And finally, today (since Sweden is 6 hrs ahead of Kentucky and so it is already January 13th over there), I want to wish my Mom a Very Happy Birthday!
Talk with all of you in a couple of days - no blogging from stitch camp!  :-D


  1. Good job sis and good luck with the packing! Hope we'll get to talk soon. Miss you! Fint du gjort åt mamma, hon blev glad! Pusspuss

  2. Oh awesome, Jenny!!! It's looking great. I'm sooo with you on the lighter floss to show the shaded side. Brilliant! :D

    Have a great time at the retreat!!