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Saturday, January 28, 2012


A quick drive-by post (hope that I get time to sit down and write a "real" post tomorrow or so...)

First off, Kim posted a question about the table-top sewing frames that could be seen in a couple of the photos from the retreat post.  Miss J sent me a the answer: "My sister and I have a ELAN from Artisan design, inc. ....  we really like ours."  You can go and check out the selection at the Artican web-site here.

So, I pretty much know now that I am a stitcher for life!  I love it!  Stitching has been my companion for a couple of decades, life has changed around me and inside myself, places and people have come, gone, changed - but the linen, the needle and the floss have always been there.  So I am dedicated, right?  Well, there are people out there that take their dedication to their stitching and their craft to a whole other level.  Since I am totally dedicated to photos and would marry Google's Image Search Engine if I only could, here are some browsie-finds to share with you; needle craft tattoos!



Running Stitch:

Traditional Embroidery:

Pins & Hearts:




Sewing Critters:

General Sewing & Sewing Tools:


Sewing Machines:
Very cool, don't you think, but some of us are just too wimpy - at least that's my excuse!  :-)

Speaking of tattoos, if I had an extra $250 laying around waiting to get spent, I would invest in one of these tattooed super-cuties!  They are sewn by Mimi Kirchner and you can see more of her fresh stuff on Etsy!  (I am also very much in love with her wool baby-dolls!)

Have a great night and hope you get time to stitch some!