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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good morning!

So I was trying to post yesterday evening before bed and somehow the page never loaded.  Arrgh!  My goal was to post at least daily the first week, but oh well...  I may have to post twice today instead.

I have a couple of things to tell you about today.  First off; Daffy-Cat (Sharon) has started a TUSAL (Totally Useless SAL) and I think that it is such a fun idea that I signed up.  You can read more about TUSAL on her blog, follow this link to the post about the SAL.  Here is my ORT jar:

I also promised to show you an update of my Halloween Pin Garden, if I finished the stitching.  Well I did (while watching about 7 episodes of 30th Rock - I love that show!), so here is a snap:

Note that it still needs to be finished and that I have to make something a little extra.  I may have to go on Etsy to look for lime green chenille cording, don't you think?  I think that I will try to start the actual finishing tonight, but I am also going to spend time on my new lussebulla basket.  I got the actual basket finished yesterday and tonight I will work on the lining itself - that is the piece with the embroidery on top.  Her are a few of progress photos:

Finally, I have to confess that I fell off the wagon yesterday.  I couldn't help myself, but bought this pattern from Pinberry Lane: Token of Love Redwork Sampler.  I got the e-file just a few hours after my payment, so it is now printed and ready to go.  Isn't it just beautiful!? 

I also got a shipment of fabric with the mail.  This is Annabella by Tina Givens for Free Spirit.  Yum!  Love the birds (of course).

Well, time to skip to work.  Talk with you in a bit!
Take care,


  1. Hmm, do you mind explaining the jar-thinh in swedish as well? :)
    The basket looks really nice! Looking forward to se next step. Puss

  2. I *like* what you did with your ORT jar. :D Those ribbons are such a sweet touch.

  3. I tried to blog last night and pictures wouldn't load...grrrrr. I'm enjoying your blog so much. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished basket you are stitching and I love the ironing board cover - it's pretty.

  4. I know Marsha - I hate when that happens! I had problems to post anything that evening too, so I posted in th emorning instead (and got in late to work, shhhh, don't tell anyone...).
    I just saw that you posted something 8 hrs ago - yay! Have to run and check it out right now!

  5. Now, that's a fun ORT container! Thanks for joining my SAL!