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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Can you believe it!?  It is 2011!  As usual, the last few weeks of the year flew by and I am sitting here in the living-room watching a concert on KET while trying to figure out how this blogging thing works.  I think that i have gotten the hang of it....

I thought that I'd better start blogging tonight or it won't happen.  I have so much fun surfing all the other stitching blogs out there.  What a fabulous source of inspiration -  I love it!  It can be dangerous at time though - you know how so many designs look about 1,000 times better on blogs than on the chart pack, right?  Plus all the finishing ideas are just great.

Anyway, why not start out with my New Years Resolutions?  I may be more motivated to stick to the list this year, if it is out there for the world to see...
Here we go - Jenny's Stitch Rules for 2011:
1)  I have about 10 big projects that are almost complete.  I just need to spend a couple of evenings or a week on each of them and they would go from UFO to finished pieces!  Then I would not have to hear their calls from the basket of forgotten projects....
2)  No more stash!!!  This was on my list last last year too and I managed to keep this promise until April.  Not bad at all, but I need to do better than that this year!  Every time I clean up and organize my stitch-room I can't help but think "when will I ever stitch all of these projects?".  I need a couple of extra life-times, that's for sure.  Well, I have created a couple of loop-holes for this rule:  I am allowed to buy limited edition projects, class-projects if I decide to take any classes in 2011, and I am allowed to buy supplies to finish the projects that I am actively working on.
3)  Create a data-base for all my UFOs and WIPs.  Maybe that would keep me on track better?  ;-)
4)  Finally finish my long-time nemesis; Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry (Yep, that was on last year's list too - I took it out and looked at it.  Oddly enough, that did not seem to get it done....)
Here is a picture of the poor neglected bird... even the pic is out of date.. I have actually managed to get some more foliage done.  Well, to keep myself accountable, here it is:
5)  Try at least one new technique.  Last year I tried stitching on silk gauze and some crewel stitching on wool.  The year before I stitched a stamped table-cloth.  This year I have decided to try punch-needle.  Everyone claims that it is super-easy, but I am not so sure...  ;-)

Is there anyone else out there who has stitch related New Year's Resolutions?  I would love to hear!
Again, Happy New 2011 and see you in a bit!


  1. Happy New Year Jenny! I'm so glad you started a blog so we can keep up with you here in Cincinnati! It looks great - I'll be back to visit soon. (Don't check out mine, it's pathetic right now)

  2. Hey girlie,

    How about you taking the plunge?! Way to go!! I guess I'm next...maybe. LOL

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hej syster! Vad roligt att du startat en blog! Som alltid, lika imponerande att se dina alster. Inspirerande! Ser fram emot mer läsning.
    Mitt nyårslöfte är att boka en resa till Machu Pichu, något jag drömt om länge, men aldrig lyckats få till. Pusspuss