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Friday, January 7, 2011


I finished it!!!   After it was put together, I was appalled – for about 30 minutes.  After that I decided that I actually like it!  Now I just have to wait until December 13th to try it out (that is the first day that Lussebullar is, or at least should be, served in Sweden).  Let me know if you would like to try to bake some, I have translated the recipe to English units for the Scandinavian Heritage Society of KY newsletter in the past.
Anyway, here are a couple of pics  from various sides.  (The kit called for tight backstitches for the raisins, but I switched them to tiny buttons instead.  I really like how the black "pops" a bit.)

Other news, I got in my second package of Annabella fabric yesterday – ain’t it pretty!?  No worry - I bought that pack before the new year started.. (as if it matters, since I fell off the wagon yesterday.)

I also have an order in with Hancock’s of Paducah for Botany Fabric by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda, but HoP is generally a bit slower with the S&H.  I assume it is because they are very busy.  I can only imagine; it is probably like a circus there -people cutting and packaging fabric left and right. 
Well, back to Botany... luckily, I am a bit slow on the uptake, so when I finally fell in love with Botany, it was on super-duper sale at HoP - we are talking 2.49/half yard. 
And speaking of, HoP has now started to show off their stock in a digital catalogue, lookie here (note that it will take a little while to load).  How cool is that!? 
I leave you with a picture of my plans for the weekend – I have 3 small projects that I would like to finish-finish, plus I threw in the Merry cox class piece just to see if I can manage that too.  Should be possible, right? 
If I was a bit cockier, I should have started the “Crazier January 2011 Challenge”, where the challenge is to finish 15 projects that first 15 days of January, rather than starting them.  Now THAT would be a challenge that would be quite useful to me.  ;-)  (Here is a link to the actual Crazy January 2011 Challenge, if you are not familiar with it.)
Oh, and here is a link to a really sweet shop I found yesterday: The Cheswick Company.  I may have to get the Alice in Wonderland kits one of these days, since I love that story.  Plus the price for the kits seems very, very reasonable.  I have marked her kits as favorites in my Etsy account, so that I can go back and drool regularly…  Is that wrong?
Have a great day and talk with you in a bit!


  1. Hi Jen, found you from Edgar's blog, welcome to blogland!

  2. The basket's super cute, Jenny. :D

  3. Hi Sweet Sue, thanks so much for the warm welcome!
    Joyce, thanks so much for the support - I do like it better today than I did yesterday... :-D

  4. The basket is just soo pretty! Inspiering sis :-*