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Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Monday...

Back to work.  We still have snow on the ground here, which helps brighten things up a bit.  I have been sitting at the office trying to concentrate while the thoughts wander...
"What should I bring the the retreat this weekend?"  (Answer: the Anna Maria Clarke-Richmond sampler, Sandy Orton's American Sampler, and A Sailor's Huswife by Needle's Prayse)
"Which project should I finish up next?" (Answer: GAR's Townhouse - I just have to get that one off my to-do list!!!!  Oh, and probably all the CEC acorns from the three "In a Nutshell"leaflets that are waiting for me to get going. )
"What new project should I start on?"  (Answer: Bunny's Garden, Delight, and Big Day ornaments by CEC.  I know that they are ornaments and I promised myself to go back to stitching samplers, but I can't help myself - they are just too cute!)
Very, very important questions indeed.  ;-)

I do have a new finish to show today; the Sweet Little Blossoms set by Merry Cox.  I took this class with Merry last year and it was a lot of fun!  It was actually a finishing class, so everything was already stitched up and ready to go when we got there.  I also managed to finish half of the pieces in class, so I have no idea why I had to procrastinate until now to get the final stitches in....  Since the sewing machine is still living on my kitchen table, it was only logical to get the drawstring bag done.  After that, the lining for the beautiful box was completed, followed by the scissors case.  The very last item was the Hedebo ring on the needle case and snap-snap - done!

Now I can take that photo out under the "WIP" heading to the left....  No worries, I have plenty of projects to add instead!  :-)

There are so many things that are bubbling around in my head that I wanted to write, but I am too tired.  I'd better just make a cup of tea, snuggle with some birds, watch some Netflix, and stitch a bit.

Happy Stitching and hope your Monday was nice too,

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  1. Wooow, that is just sooo pretty!! Love the design.
    Where are you going for the retreat? Love ya!