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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a Weekend! (very picture heavy)

As always, I want to thank all of you so much for all the kind and fun comments on my last couple of posts. It means so much to hear from you and get to know you better. And I would never have guessed that all of you would gather up to be such a motivating Hare Pyns cheer leading squad - the internet is too cool! :-)

Today I wanted to share a bunch of photos from our weekend retreat. If you have already visited L-bug's and Bzz*Bzz*Bee's blogs, you have already gotten to see a bunch of pics and read stories about the retreat, but here are some more! :-) Bzz*Bzz*Bee's header pic is worth a visit in itself - isn't is just a gorgeous photo!?

The retreat was packed! We were 40 girls stitching away, talking, laughing and showing off finishes.
Here is a photo showing our stitching center - note that an "island" had to be added in the center of our regular set-up to accommodate everyone.
sopme of us stayed up and stitched into the early hours in the mornings (yep, I was a bad girl and left last both nights...)
And L-bug and I were the last ones out on Sunday when the party was over (sniffle):

We did so may cool things.

Each and everyone of us got a hand-stitched name tag - how awesome is that!?

We got massages outdoors in the beautiful weather

We had a really wonderful tea party (which I was too excited over to remember to take any photos of...)

We had stacks and stacks of "free to a new home" stash that many of us looked through more than once

We had a display tables showing off our stitchers' wonderful finishes
... and WIPs (Ollie found a friend!)

We got fed over and over and over... (as you can see, that made us very happy)

We had way too much fun
(Even though these ladies did not have quite as much fun as last time we had a retreat together, when they were giggling very frequently while watching "The Tudors"...)

We got some serious stitching done!

We got spoiled by our peeps for our birthdays (yes, I know that is totally over the top now... LOL)

We had a White Elephant smalls exchange

And then it was time to leave. Goodbye... same time next year?

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love a good retreat.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

  2. wow..lovely pictures..thank you so much for sharing xx

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Oh we did have a ton of fun! I'm glad you and Marsha got some pics I didn't get. I don't think any of us got a pic of the tea party. How funny is that?! I can't wait for next year. {{HUGS}}

  5. *sniff quite jealous now of everything ... you could right of some folks heheheheh ... looks like you had a fab time and those goodies are lovely :)like the massages bit too .. need one today ....off to have my own stitching friends round tonight 7.00pm uk if you want to join in with some stitchin and a cuppa :) love mouse xxxx

  6. lovely stitching friends, and lovely stitching done. looks like it was fun!

  7. Wow, vad ni verkar haft det bra! Massa fina broderier också. Du såg väl till att njuta av massagen också? Pusspuss