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Thursday, September 29, 2011

TUSAL and Stash...

Hello All and Happy Thursday!
As always, thanks for all your very kind and sweet comments, particularly about the little necklace piece! I am so glad that you like it too! In all honestly, it is not a piece that I will ever wear to work, but I can't wait to show it off this weekend. Just out of curiosity, is this type of jewellery something that any of you would wear to work? I will try to make sure that I have some photos to show you of how it looks while worn.
As I mentioned in the last post, I did have a bunch of fun working on it, so please don't worry about the missing finishing instructions (I hope that I didn't scare anyone off!!!) - if you love it, get it or at least add it to your wish list! You can always send me a row and ask how I finished it and I will be more than happy to try to show you.

Can you believe that it is that time again - the time for our monthly TUSAL updates? This is how my container looks now. I have started to "compress" the orts lightly on to have more room to play with. I can not believe how much scrap I have created! ow I am starting to think crazy things, like "what can I make with these things once the TUSAL is over?".

Other updates: the last few days I have been getting lots of new fabric to fondle. I tend to keep an ever growing wish-lists in my head and every other month or so, I hit Etsy and gather up most of the fabrics that I simply can not live without. This time, it was mostly Heather Ross - both her Far far Away 1 (and some larger Snow-white cuts from FFA3) and her Mendocino line - and also a few fun Alexander Henry prints.
Aren't the mermaids too cute!? I know that I have said it before; the only thing that is missing now is my ability to sew and motivation to get going on it...

I am aware of the fact that you have probably had it with the Hare Pyns shots just about now - will she stop posting pics of that thing already!? - but this is the last one before finishing, I promise!
Class starts early Sunday and I am thrilled that all the stitching is complete! As you can see, every single linen thread is covered and the piece can not be more ready for assembly. Sherri and I e-mailed each other a bit last week and she mentioned that she hopes that we will leave with a finished project - that would be fabulous. I also know that there is a tiny companion piece that we can purchase in class, so there will be more stitching on this project. One day....

Before Hare Pyns, on Saturday, L-Bug and I will drive up to mid-Ohio together to take the Lucet class. I can not wait!!! I am so excited and I am still doing all kinds of prep-work here at home. I have completed all my stitching, so now I am cutting lining pieces, basting interfacing and reading instructions like a mad-woman. It is a lot of fun!
Tomorrow is pretty much the last day I have to get ready. L-Bug lives 2 hrs from my house and I am going up to stay with her, so I will likely leave directly from work on Friday - I need to be packed and ready (I have been asked to bring sewing machine, cut-mat and rotary cutter, iron, ironing board etc, so I'd better make sure that I have all my ducks in a row before long...).
Anyway, L-Bug and I will have so much fun! Dinner, gossip, tea, stitching - I hope that we can get a lot of things crammed in just the two of us before the classes start.

Well, I am late getting to bed - as usual!
Take care and Sweet Dreams about Stithing,


  1. happy thursday dear, very lovely jar with full of vibrant color threads..
    i really your fabric..all of them are so lovely..specially the one with the ladies...they are so beautiful looking..and your stitching is growing so beautifully too..
    well done dear..
    keep well and have a lovely day with full of fun..
    big hugs cucki xx

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a FABULOUS weekend!
    Hare Pyns looks so beautiful.
    Safe travels!

  3. your stitched piece is beautiful and i like your variety of material that you purchased....such fun colors and fabrics :D....as far as the necklace you did previously...i love it! and yes, i personally would wear it to work.....i love fun and different things!

  4. woo hooo glad you got it done :) and yup do a check list of the stuff you need and have fun and can't wait to see it finished finished :) well done on the fabric stash too and for your orts here's an idea ... fill your humbugs and biscornu s with them :) been there and done it ..lol :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Have a great time this weekend! Sounds like so much fun! Both classes and a friend to go with. Perfect! I love your Hare Pyns -- never tire of seeing it. Yay on finishing all the stitching!That's a big accomplishment for sure! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished piece. Glad you're going to wear the necklace this weekend -- the best time to wear it!

  6. I'm glad you got the last stitch in it! I would totally wear the necklace to work. In fact, I'm wearing a beaded piece I got over the weekend. I can't wait for you to get here and to show you all the goodies I picked up over the weekend. We are going to have a blast!

  7. The hare pyns are just lovely. I look forward to seeing them finished finished.

  8. Hoppas du har det super på kursen! Fina tyger. Längtar tills nästa gång vi hälsar på, då ska det shoppas tyg :) Pusspuss

  9. How was your weekend???? Did you have so much fun you forgot to come home? ;)

  10. Your Hare Pyns is amazing!! Love the fabrics, too. I love Heather Ross's designs!

  11. I am in love with Hare Pyns - can't wait to see it when you've got the finishing done too. Good luck with the class!