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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sneaky Bunny

The main stitching on Hare Pyns is finally completed. The hardest part was to try to find all the floss that I apparently dropped all over the house... LOL

Her he is, the Hare Pyn Hare! It cracks me up; he looks so sneaky. You just know that as soon as you turn your head away, he will start munching on all the tulips!
Below you can see the extra bunny that I added to the inside pocket panel.
One of these days, I'll show you a photo of the entire piece, but that means that I have to vacuum the floor first...

The birds are taking back the web - look at us, we are at least as adorable and interesting as that ole' bunny... Here they are taking a ride on the fan (it is not running, but if you flap your wings just a little, it will start spinning slightly, which is great fun. Plus, it is really hard for mommy to get us down...)

Bubba is not impressed!

I leave you with some summer pictures from our town. Isn't it pretty?
As I am writing this, it is clear that winter is coming; it is cool in the mornings, the cars windows are wet with heavy morning dew, and it is already dark in the mornings when the alarm clock goes off.

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and Happy Weekend Stitching,


  1. Hi Jenny, I love the hare - he does indeed look sneaky.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. hello dear, i really love your stitching..birds and the hare are so sweet..lovely pictures..all of them..
    keep well and have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I love your Hare Pyns! How cute is that with the bunnies in the zeroes. Love it! That's so funny about your birds taking a ride on the fan. lol! Your town does look beautiful.

  4. ooooo well done on the finish .. he is adorable and the little ones are tres cute ..... love the fan birds ;0 and poor bubba does look fed up ..lol ... your town looks lovely too ... love mouse xxxx

  5. Hihi, vilka söta harar :)
    Puss finaste!

  6. Hare Pyns looks great, Jenny! :D

    Love the way that one sidewalk is painted... very cool, and birdies and Bubba are too cute!

  7. Cute little evil bunny rabbit. I love the tulips too. Lexington is one of my favorite towns in KY - lots of lovely homes.

  8. Hare Pyns looks WONDERFUL Jenny. Love all the photos from around your community. ~~ Christie

  9. Love the sunflower pictures with the bees. Your neighborhood is lovely. I can't believe next weekend is Hare Pyns weekend already. You'll be all set!

  10. Heeee heee. I love the birds on the fan and how they each have to have their own individual blade.lol

  11. I love the sneaky bunny! He's too cute!!

    Bunny hugs to Bubba...don't let those silly birdies get you down!! (My parakeet loved to sit on the fan, too...or better yet, on top of my stuffed animals on a very high shelf! Extra fun to get him down as I climbed all over the bed!)