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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Silly Spring Pin-Cushion

Here it is - my silly little spring pin-cushion set:
Those eggs were a bit tricky to make, but I was surprised to see that the hardest part was to get the chick into a nice round ball...  Anyway, it didn't turn out as fabulous as I had envisioned it, but it is all right.  I think that in my head, the cup was much, much larger, so the eggs wouldn't have to be all crowded.  On the other hand, what I love about Easter (and Halloween) decorations is that it is all right to be a bit "over the top", right?
I'll probably bring it in to work today to hear what the co-peeps think.

What is even better is that I got done with this little excursion and both my SALs before the weekend, so the Richmond sampler can get undivided attention on the stitch front.  (It will be hard not to jump the gun and start on Ann Rayner right away though...)
DH and I will probably go hashing tomorrow, so there won't be a whole lot of crosses done tomorrow and Sunday is the Big Birdcage Cleaning Day, so there will probably not be a whole lot of progress.  Oh well, that will just extend the fun with the Richmond sampler!  :-)

Oh and I forgot - something completely different - my MIL forwarded this e-mail to me yesterday: "ATTENTION all: There's a site called Spokeo.com that's a new online USA phone book w/ information such as pics you've posted on FB, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, family members, even cc #'s. Remove yourself by searching your name, find your page, copy the URL and go to the bottom of the home page and click on the Privacy link to remove yourself. Copy & re-post so your FB friends are aware.."
I found both myself (twice!) and DH on this site and we have been removed now.  It was pretty scary how much info was posted - marital status, age (they were way off for me though, I was listed as being a lot younger!), and our household income, which was pretty close on the penny for the year before last.  We are now removed!!!

And to finish off on a more relaxed subject; have you seen this gorgeous remote control organizer by Kristy from You Had Me At Bonjour?  Best of all - it is a tutorial, so she makes it easy to recreate + the fabric is available on Etsy.  (Yep, I have bookmarked a great deal of it... ;-))  Love it!  Now I just need a house that is not swimming (flying?) with birds who want to make nests in anything with a pocket...  Sigh...  Maybe in my next life.  Or I could just make the hanger and relabel it Parrot Nest Organizer!

Take care adn Happy Stitching!


  1. Those buttons are darling!!

    Stupid spokeo. I can't believe they're still around and doing that stuff. Hubby did all the removing a while ago. Glad you got yours done too.

  2. Ah nu fattar jag, sött! :)

  3. Jenny, I love your Spring set. You are so talented and come up with some wonderful ideas. I removed myself and DH from the Spokeo site also. Thanks for the info.

  4. the Easter tea cup is just adorable! Love the chicks and eggs theme and the colors are so happy. Love it!