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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Quick Tweet Before Bed

Hello everybody!
Before I share any stitching, I wanted to thank all of you for leaving comments for me.  Thanks especially for the kind words in regards to the loss of Hogsie.  I do miss him a bit.

I also got a really neat comment back from Joysze in regards to the expression "it's raining cats and dogs" and being a Swede.  She writes: "Raining cats and dogs, yup... I say that too. It's to do with the olden days where cats and dogs would rest on the thatched roofs and when the rain was really heavy, the roofs would give way and down would come the cats and dogs. "  How cool is that!  I had no idea that this is the historical background to this saying, but it totally makes sense!  (Joysze is from Malaysia btw, not Sweden, but still....) 
Beth commented that she also uses this phrase and she is half-Swedish!  Hey Beth - who did you pick up the phrase from, your Swedish parent or your American parent?  Curious minds are dying to find out!  :-) 

Since I have been pretty boring on the stitch-front lately - lots of invisible stitching and slower than sloooow over-one sections - I thought that I'd show you my lunch project.  We, that is P.Snickety, Hip-Hip and myself, have actually been really good at keeping up our lunch-time stitching this week!  I think that we probably had 4 stitching sessions.  We even scouted out the locations of the conference rooms that can be locked from the inside, so that we can stitch in peace.  All of us are coming along nicely and I am surprised to discover how refreshing it is to work in a quick stitch in the middle of a long day at the office.
Anywhere, here is a scan of The Birdcage:
The colors are much nicer than the scan indicates - it is a very happy piece indeed!  Look at all those birdies running around on wobbly legs!!!  Let me also inform you that I spent a good 20 minutes getting this baby scanned!  Yep, I left the office late just to be able to share the progress on my blog over the weekend.  Have I mentioned that I have a PhD in Engineering?  Does not matter - I still can not figure out how the blasted scanner/copier/fax machine works!  Seems to be a lot of hit-&-miss and accidental successes + I have a feeling that the printers are pretty temperamental....  they probably figured that it was an early Friday evening and about time to shut down.
I guess that I could have brought my Birdcage home to taken a photo of it, but I felt that I did have to scan it at work, since I did not want to bring it home with me - way too tempting.  I have to spend more time stitching on the Richmond sampler and a lot less time on funny looking birds flapping about.  As you can see, 11.5 birds are done and there are 8.5 left to go, so before too long it will ride home with me to get finished anyway!

Other than that, I have been spending time with the Richmond sampler.  I managed to dodge a cold (knock on wood) by eating Zycam, drinking a lot of fluids and taking it real easy in the evenings.  I have spent most of my stitching on the "automatic" parts, like the big field in the front of the house that just need filled in with the grass.  I am still very much into this sampler, so that is fun!  As a matter of fact, I have it spread out on the floor in my cross-stitch room.  Every morning when I get ready to go to work, I open the door to that room, turn on the light and stare at it for a few seconds.  Then I sneak a peak every time I pass by...  Yes, I know that I have a problem!  But it is a good one, right!?

Well, off to bed with me!  Will be a bit hard to go to sleep - I just watched a really disturbing Sherlock Holmes movie on Netflix, The Eligible Bachelor.  Shrug!
Good night and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. First off, my other parent was German, so that is no help. LOL Actually, I do think it was my Swedish Dad that said it!

    Secondly those little birdies are just too cute!! I can't wait to see how you are going to finish it.

  2. We learn (and use) "it's raining cats and dogs" in Canada! I guess it's because we're part of the British Commonwealth.

  3. Ooooh for Bird Cage. I like, I like! :D

    Glad you warded off the cold, and I do that with my stitching too. Spend time staring at them, that is. It's all part of the journey you know? Appreciating what you've done and visualizing what it will look like when it's finished. :D