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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hurray - I am very, very excited - I have 25 followers!  I am so happy and I want to thank all of you for following my blog.  I found during my first month as a blogger that I really enjoy writing and sharing my needlework projects, but most of all, it has been very rewarding to get readers and the comments that follow.  Again thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!!!
(If you look at the follower list you can see that it looks like I have 26 followers but one of them does not count, because it is me....  Yep, I feel pretty stupid - I added myself to see how this "follower thingy" works early on and when I tried to remove myself, I could not figure out how....  Now it just has to look like I find myself really fascinating.  LOL-sigh!)

Other things to celebrate:
- Another coworker has been lured over to the dark side...  Hip-Hip-Happy asked for the link to my blog last week she came back and said that she wanted to try stitching!  (She has stitched one project in the past but it was a while back, so she was very excited about working on another project.)  She picked out a good project to start with on-line.  We chose from the Prairie Schooler portfolio (since I have the better part of it at home .... ;-))  She opted for the angel ornament from the Starry Night chart, so I pulled everything needed from my stash on Sunday evening (here is a link to Lennu's finished angel, so you can see what she is working on).  Yesterday's lunch was spent in an empty conference room at the office, just P.Snickety, Happy, and me, stitching away!
P.Snickety is working on the cute freebie Christmas stocking with a penguin from Brookes Books Designs (here is a link to Michelle's stithched ornie posted on the WLCoS).  She got three rows of pink stocking in!  Happy is currently working on the black cross-stitches and she seems to really enjoy herself.  She even took the "kit" home on Monday and stitched a bunch of it in the evening.
I took our new stitching lunch as a great opportunity to start on a new project; the Birdcage by Just Nan.  I counted the birds and figured out that if I stitch one (very reasonable and realistic) bird per lunch, I will be done with the stitching in 4 weeks.  Not bad!  Except that we all got really busy over lunch today, so I am already running behind... :-(
- We did not get hit by all the ice and snow here in town.  Very, very lucky!  L-bug just sent me some photos from her yard and it looks like the ice is pretty much an inch thick or thereabout.    Absolutely crazy!  I am so grateful that I don't have to worry about DH driving 2 hrs on the highway in the middle of the night on ice for now (he is on 3rd shift right now).  It was really hard to go to bed and not think about him being on the road the first weeks.... Anyway, I hope that all of you are safe and comfy out there!!! 

- All the comments and thoughts about the posts about the introvert personality traits.  It was interesting to learn what some of you think about the topic.  Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed and appreciated every minute of it!
- The spring bulbs in my garden have been doing really well in the last weeks snow storms.  They still look green and perky, so they may make it yet.- We are more than half-way to the weekend!!!!

On the stitching front, not a whole lot to report...
- Bzz*Bzz*Bee guessed right - Henny's cup and saucer will be a spring pin-cushion.  L-bug brought in the adorable "attitude bug" to one of the all-day stitch-ins last year.  She found a very clever idea for a pretty little needle-minder on-line.  (I think that the needle-minder idea was posted at Daffycat's blog, here is the post.)  Who does not fall in love with that attitude of that bug right away!?  The bug is taken from a Brooke Nolan sampler published in JCS magazine March/April 2010.   There are some other super-cute elements to this sampler as well, so I decided to try to expand on the needle-minder idea and make a little "tea set".  Here is the progress as of right now :
The blue eggs was included in the originalk sampler, but I decided to make a few other colors as well.  I think that it turned out quite nicely, if I may say so myself....
- I finally got in the blue silk that I need to finish part 7 of the DT SAL.  Wohooo!
- Together with the blue silk - as a bonus - came the Ann Rayner sampler.  The Attic picked out a fantastic piece of linen for me - can't wait to start!!!!
- Oh, and the TUSAL is going great - I am collecting much more bits o'orts than I thought (I am cheating a bit here - official progress post due date is 2/4):
Note the birds in bed in the background ('cause what lady does NOT want flocks of birds nesting in her living-room!?!?), the IKEA book-case filled with XS stuff, and that Monk is up next on Netflix...
Here are a couple of close-ups of the shelves in the book-case, so you can have a look at the "goodies" inside:

Well, time to go make some chili for DH.  He has the night off, so it is time to have a bite to eat together!

Take Care, Keep Warm, and Happy Stitching,


  1. Love your display and cute chicks too :-).

  2. Love those eggs and the chick turned out really cute too. That chart just contained the sweetest critters. Glad to have inspired the stitch frenzy. :o}

    I like the pics of all your goodies. One of these days we need to have an in-person show and tell.


  3. WOW...wish my shelves looked like yours!

    Your chick and eggs are so cute.

    I also became a follower of my own blog early on. I found out that there are several of us who have done this so don't feel so bad!

    I am so ready for Spring. At least the sun is shining today but it's SO COLD.

  4. I love the display of all your cross stitch goodies. The ribbon wrapped bundles of fabric are intriguing.

    Love the sweet little Brooke's Books stitches.

  5. Nu har du tom 27 followers! Du är så bra :) Vilken mysig idé med lunchpyssel. Söta fåglar! Är det vanligt med broderier i USA? Tror jag hade fått sitta själv på lunchen. Blir sugen på att brodera när jag ser alla fina saker som du gjort. Fattar inte riktigt dedär med de små knapparna. Vad ska de bli? Puss och godnatt

  6. Congratulations on converting another poor soul into the stitching world. I have tried, but I can't seem to get the folks I work with into it. Got one crocheting, and have taught a couple to knit, but no one seems to want to cross stitch. Bummers.

    Your stitching displays are lovely. It is a goal of mine to be able to oneday have stitching displays in my house. I don't have that many things that I stitched that I didn't give away.

  7. Awwww, thanks for the blog plug, Jenny! I'm so glad you liked my idea of the ladybug needleminder. Isn't she just the sassiest?