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Friday, February 25, 2011

....Friday.... sigh!

Have you ever had a looong week at the office that ends in a Friday that made you wanna cry under a blanket when you got home?  That was my Friday today - I was even seriously contemplating calling in sick on Monday....  Time to realize that the weekend has started - it's high time to get myself up to do something fun, right!?  Time to start stitching!

But first, if anyone else out there needs some cheering up - these movies made me happy!  Froggie sent this one out to a gang of us earlier this week - hilarious, cute, and made me recall that swim-season is around the corner...  Oh, and even DH laughed and it takes a lot to make him smile!

Here is another one that DH showed me last evening.  I am sure that it is a fake, but it is pretty hilarious nevertheless.

It was probably extra funny, since I got to enjoy it while actually spending some time with the man I married years ago and whom I don't really get to see anymore..  Stupid 3rd shift!!!  Oh and yes, I totally agree - I am beyond pathetic today.   It's probably a combination of too little sleep, a really depressing work situation, the pouring rain, and to top it off, the Eeoyre time in the month....

I got a package in the mail today, from Stitching Bits and Bobs, containing the new large book from Blackbird Designs and a Mirabilia Annual Christmas Tree 2008 kit. 
Well, to cheer us all up, maybe I should share the BBD book content with you?  Yes, that will most definitely make us smile, right?
 Front Cover
Kildare Model School Sampler
 Seaside Retreat
 Experience Leland's Needlebook
 Tulip House
 Tulip House Stitching Companion
 Pincushion on the inside
 Thistle House Sewing Box & Oh, My Stars! Pinkeep
 Birds and Berries Needlebook
 Birds and BerriesPinbox
Prairie House Sewing Case & Summer Stars Pincushion
Summer Sachet
Not bad at all, huh!?

And finally, if you listened to the pop song La Voix with opera singer Malena Ernman from my latest post, here is a really funny parody on her from Swedish TV, complete with English sub-titles!  You should probably watch the La Voix video first if you haven't yet, since there is one scene in the parody that is especially hilarious and it is building on the music video.  Oh and if you would like to learn Swedish, here is a great chance...  ;-)
Also, note how this parody ties in with the themes of the two previous videos - work-outs and zebra crossings!  LOL!!! (BTW, there is a video of Malena doing push-ups on YouTube.  That video is NOT a parody...)

Thanks for reading and for laughing a bit with me - I feel so much better now!!!  
Have a Wonderful & Fun Friday Evening and talk with you in a bit,


  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a rotten Friday. :( I hope your stitching this weekend has cheered you up. *hugs*

  2. I hope you are stitching like crazy and feeling better to day Jenny. I'm doing more Peony Hill and 'Beauty'.

  3. Jag blev glad av dina filmer, tack för det. Hoppas din lördag var bra och att söndagen blir skön. Vi är i Halmstad och jag längtar inte till måndag och jobb :/ Puss på dig