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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is Sticking Up!

Hi Everyone!  I hope that you are starting to see spring all around you right about now.  We are getting closer pretty quickly - you can almost hear the growing, if you listen carefully.  It is really exciting to see what is going on in the dirt. 
Before I show you Mother Nature's progress, I'd better show you some of my  stitching updates...  Look - I am not a total slacker!  The Richmond sampler is moving forward .  I have finished the dreaded riders and even filled in the entire lawn.  Now I need to concentrate on the two over-one sunflowers, the over-one verse and after that the Queen stitch border and she will be done!  I still love her, so that is a definite plus!

I did also start on the birth sampler for the brand new nephew, who arrived late last week.  He is a giant I've heard, wheiging in at over 11 lbs!  Phew!  I am having fun with the PS sampler that I picked and decided to switch out all the pink flowers for yellows and blues.  The baby is a Swedish boy, after all!

I did also manage to slap together the scissors-case/needle-book for my Little Sister over the weekend.  I am pretty please with how it turned out and I am hoping that LS will like it.  After I had finished up this, I felt like I needed to take a week-long break from any and all crafting...   About 2 hrs later, I bounced right back.
                                                                So, here is the front:
The back:
Inside (note Sweden in the cover and the tiny globe fob):
... and a close-up of the pin-disc part:
And finally, here are the pictures from my garden that I wanted to share with you. 
Spring is such a joy!
Happy Spring Time, stay dry, and talk with you in a bit!


  1. I am loving all your stitching!! I especially like your present for your LS. Aren't Spring flowers just wonderful. What a gift of color after all the winter blahs!

  2. Great progress on the sampler,Jenny and the new start is looking good. 11 lbs!!!!! Holy moly!

    The scissor case turned out super cute!!! Your sis is going to love it.

    Ahhhh... there are your flowers. :D They look awesome and it's only the beginning. :D

  3. Hi Jenny,
    You've really put in a lot of time on the sampler. It is beautiful. Really like your scissor case/needlebook. Great finishing.

  4. You go girl! You've had that needle smokin' lately. It all looks really good. I know LS will love your gift. So much love, thought, and care went into it!

    I'm green over your flowers. How awesome it must be to look out and see them. Mine have poked up out of the dirt but no buds yet. Soon maybe.

  5. Love the little dragon sewing book. The globe is way too cute. I have tones of daffies ready to burst - heaven. Your sampler is gorgeous. You're an inspiration.

  6. Ååå, vad fin Draken är och den lilla jorden är fab! Om 18 timmar ses vi, whiiii längtar <3
    våren har inte kommit lika långt här, men när ni kommer i påsk så kanske?
    Baby samplern blir superfin. Ser fram emot att se den växa fram.
    Hur mycket jag än kikade så fattar jag inte riktigt vad som äg kvar på den stora samplern? Den ser himla fin ut som den är.
    Vi ses snart älskade syster

  7. Your Richmond sampler is looking wonderful. Your LS's gift is too adorable. The detail in the finishing is what really makes it special. I'm sure she'll love it.