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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Quick Hello from Sweden

The trip to Sweden has been great!  Time really flew by, but it feels like I have been here for a real long while too - time is such an odd dimension...  I am leaving for KY tomorrow mornintg, so I wanted to post a quickie before it is time to sleep.  The bags are packed and we are getting ready for bed right now.  I promise to write more later, but I wanted to share some photos from my home before I leave.

 First an update. the PS sampler is coming along.  Sitting in Chicago for 6 hrs between flights helped along a great deal.  The baby's name is yet to be finalized, so there is no great hurry.  I mean, it will be pretty hard to chart any of the baby's personal information unless I have it all....  I do like how the yellow and the blue flowers work out.  I am trying to determine the colors of the spots on the birds heads and wings.  I tried pink, but I am not sure that I am a fan.  The original calls for dark grey, but that seems a tad boring...  I may go with creme or with a nice yellow.
Littelest Sister and I managed to squeeze in our mandatory craft night early on.  We made four of these triangular ort baggies.  She loved the quilt cutting board and the rotary cutters that I brought for her.  I am so happy she liked them!  We had a lot of fun - craft is just a fabulous time to spend time together.

And here are some photos from home....  Mom and Dad are definitely at home in the Grandma and Grandpa roles now.  There are toys collected in boxes, baskets, and bags stored along all the walls in the living room.  some of these toys are things that my sisters and I played with as kids.

The House - we moved here when I was 8 and this was my home until I turned 18.  Dio you see the bird-house hanging on the birch-tree in the front?

Feeding birds in the winter is something that the vast majority of households do in Sweden.  Here is an example of what the birds feast on outside my parents' kitchen window; peanuts, unsalted butter, bird seeds, and an apple every now and then.
 The back yard:
 Waiting for spring:

 Snow and very early spring flowers (snowdrops and vintergäck):
Behind the garage:
 My dad loves music and here is a part of the guitar collection:
 The taste is defenitely eclectic - elegant, but with a big dose of fun and humor.  This is the ceiling lamp in the downstairs bath-room...
 The window in the library (this used to be my room).  Note the artichoke lamp!  The close-up photo below shows all the collection of various textile craft books in the library.
 A small glass grape-cluster lamp under the staircase - just adorable (looks really yummy too)!
Upstairs - the leather couch has been sat in many times.  The oil painting on the wall was painted by my dad's aunt.  I believe that the cross-stitch pillow was stitched by one of my sisters.  
I have tried to get Home Depot to reproduce the gorgeous wall color, but without any look - they always give me much more lime than apricot.
The upstairs sun window.  Needless to say, mom loves plants.
 This is my mother's hoya.  Mom told me that it is blooming for the second time this season.  Love the lamps!
 Breakfast this morning, Littelest Sister, mom and dad.  We are getting ready to go in to town.

Next time I write, I'll be back in Kentucky!  Take care and see you soon!
PS Excuse the spelling, but Swedish spell-check does not work real well on English... :-)


  1. Jenny, Thanks for sharing the pictures of your parents home and of your family. The birth sampler is really coming along. Have a safe trip home. - Christie

  2. Thanks for those great pics, Jenny. What a warm and welcoming home you grew up in. Oh my, I love your mom's plants!!!! :D That hoya is beautiful. ;)

    Safe travels home to KY. Sending you lots of hugs as I understand how difficult it is to leave your parents and go far away.

  3. How wonderful of you to share pictures of the home you grew up in and your parents. It looks like a fantastic place to grow up and to live. I'm sure you'll miss them when you get back home to KY. Hope you have a safe flight back.

    Your birth sampler looks lovely. I like the changes you've made.

  4. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. What a warm and inviting home.

    The birth sampler looks so pretty with your color changes too.

    Safe travels dear friend.


  5. Längtar redan till påsk!!!

  6. Thank you so much for giving us a glimmer of Sweden. What a lovely home you grew up in - I imagine that it was tough to leave.

    OH! I really like the way the baby sampler is coming along!

  7. Thank you for sharing the pictures! You grew up in a lovely home!