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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rain, Glorious Rain!

Happy Monday everyone!  It is a great beginning of the week here - it is finally raining!  The KY clay really needs a good soaking.  What is even better about the rain is that the ground, which hardens into brick during the dry spells, will get soft enough to dig in.  This is truly great, since DH and I picked up some assorted perennials this weekend.  The timing could not be better!

I am still totally in love with the new hobby; napping!  In other words, the needles are not exactly racing here.  I did stitch this adorable design by Barbara-Ana (Quoth the Raven: Nevermore)) and I like the raven so much that I had to stitch up a mini-version too.  As you can see, he is itty-bitty.  I was thinking about finishing the tiny one into a pin, but he may be too small.  The design is intended to be used as a scissors-fob, but I think that it is way too large!  I'll have to come up with something else to do with it.  I am also contemplating making a third version for an exchange coming up this fall - he is just too cute not to share.
You can buy this pattern either from Creative Poppy (they'll send you the pdf and a pass-word pretty much instantly) or printed out on paper (I got my hard-copy from ABC Stitch Therapy). 
Barbara Ana has a couple of additional - equally adorable - Halloween designs; Owl-o-ween Scissor Fob and Trick or Treat Scissor Fob:

I have also fallen back into the dangerous habit of browsing e-bay every now and then....  Sometimes, I really do manage to get a great deal that I am really pleased with, such as this silk-gauze kit (frame included!) from The Heart's Content for less than $25.  Three of the letters had been stitched by the previous owner, but I ripped them back out and started from zero.  Here are a few progress pics:
As you can see, I am working on filling in the background right now.  It takes time, but I enjoy it - since everything else is already stitched there is no need for counting.  Very relaxing...
I would love to find the companion piece Love Thyself one of these days...  ;-)

The new sampler is coming along slowly too, but it is all right since I really enjoy working on it.  The problem is that I try to tell myself to switch between the projects every other hour or so, but then I get so engulfed with what I have in my hands that I forget everything else....  Oh well, there is just too much fun to have!

Did I show you the sweet little scissors keep from Rovaris?  I am becoming a big fan.  I was really impressed with the "Stitched Initial Necklace" that she came out with a few months back (here is the back of mine).  This is the latest sweetie from Rovaris: Scissors Fob Kit.  All the parts spread on top of the sofa:
After a very quick and easy assembly:
While browsing the net to find the link to the necklace, I happened to run across another of Rovaris' beauties: Wreath  What a gorgeous design!
Speaking of beautiful cross-stitch, check all the photos of Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches at Barberry Row. Many of these designs are older and not posted on any US stores or on Lauren's web-site, so some of them were new to me.

Well, other than that, not a whole lot going on at the stitch front.  The garden has finally gotten some TLC, so I can post some photos without weeds!  :-)  Here is an oak-leaf hydrangea, planted last year, and she seems to be doing well.
The other day I saw a robin take a drink form the sunflower bird-bath.  That made my day!  :-)
The hardy hibiscus are doing really well this year too.  I discovered that one of them already started blooming this morning.  (Please ignore the clover.... LOL)
Another hydrangea, also planted last year.  I love the shape of the flower clusters on this one!
Lavender - what is not to love!?  They really take care of themselves, smell wonderfully, and are a bee and butterfly favorite!
Our new flowerbed is starting to look a bit "bushy"...
More lavender.
And the older hydrangea is sporting both pinks and blues this year.

The bunnies don't want me to log off before they say hi.  Princess has some tummy problems right now, but I think that he'll get better soon.

Well, time to get going!
As always, thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and have a great week full with fun stitching time!  I hope to pop over and see you all soon!
Happy Stitching,


  1. heheh to the naps .... and well done on the silk :) and gorgeous flowers and front of house you have there ....
    hope bunrab is feeling much better now :)
    love the wee scissor keep and that wreath is gorgeous too :)
    take care love mouse xxxxx

  2. Gorgeous flowers. You must really have a knack for it. I like to think I do but then I'm snapped back to reality when they don't survive. I do have a hydrangea though that is looking nice this year.

    Adorable bunnies!

  3. Those Barbara Ana designs are wonderful! I love the two Halloween fobs! I need me one of those Rovaris kits asap. I'd better go order one. lol! I love how your scissor fob came out! And the Heart's Content piece -- wow! Gorgeous! Working on silk gauze is fun, isn't it?

  4. I love the Rovaris scissor fob. Why can't we come up with cute things like that? Your landscaping is gorgeous. You should consider hiring yourself out to plant challenged people like myself. I'd be your first customer :-)
    Take care!


  6. Hey Jenny!
    I love the raven fob. It is such a fun design. What is the name of the blue sampler? It looks amazing. I have stitched that Be Mine piece. It is so sweet.
    Your garden is looking amazing. Glad to hear that you are getting some rain!
    Have a great week.
    Hugs to you and the bunnies.

  7. I seem to have fallen victim to that napping hobby, too, Jenny! It really does refresh you, doesn't it--even if for only 15 minutes :)

    Your stitching is so pretty--love the silk gauze heart you are working on!

    Your flowers are amazing--especially that hydrangea. You are way ahead of us here in Pennsylvania. Mine only have buds on them at this point...Hopefully, they'll look as nice as yours by the end of the month!

  8. Fina saker som alltid syster! Wow, älskar sakerna som finns på Rovaris! Kanske ska försöka mig på att sy något en vacker dag :) Längtar efter dig och hoppas att du mår bra även om du är trött.

  9. I've just popped over to visit your blog from Chris at Tothill Farm Stitches and it's interesting to see that you have very similar taste to me. I've recently bought lots of charts from Creative Poppy too and I love some of the the European designs such as Acufactum as well.