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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Quick Sunday Evening Post

This new design from Lizzie*Kate totally cracks me up - and it's TRUE too!  I will have to stitch this one and give it to Alpha Bunny.  I wonder if he would be brave enough to hang it at work....   LOL

I hope that all of you had a great week and that you had an even greater weekend!  My week was wonderful - the robot at work is finally starting to listen (it's out of the teenage phase now, I guess) and the evenings are still filled with naps, stitching and some rounds in the garden with the watering can and the trowel for digging up weeds.  It is starting to look a bit more decent in the front yard now - the back yard is still very much in a state of neglect.
For once, I did remember to harvest some lavender before the season is over.  This small bouquet is hanging on the wall in my lavender colored stitch room.  It smells fabulous!  The scent is much more similar to cinnamon than to lavender, oddly enough...  Of course I already have plans to stitch a small adornment to go with the bouquet.  LOL

I was bad about stitching on my Fremme sampler this week again.  I had way too much fun working on the silk gauze sampler and it is finished and hanging on the wall!  No more excuses this week - back to the blue sampler!
Well, here below is Be Mine by Heart's Content (all photos should be clickable).  I only changed one thing and that was the color on the inside of the crown.  I was thinking of changing all the pink flowers to green for them to look like clover leaves, but DH didn't agree with that idea, so I let it be.
Here is one solo pic and one photo showing Be Mine and her wall buddy (Random Threads by Erica Michaels).  I also learned something really cool about this design; Chris of Tot Hill Farm Stitches stitched the cover model for Maureen's kit!!  I can tell you that the cover photo saved me many times!

I had really hoped that this weekend would be a finishing galore weekend.  I have so many projects that are waiting patiently to get finished up.  It is high time to reduce the ever growing pile of "almost finished" projects.  I did get a minute part of the pile done - both projects are Patrick's Woods pieces that I finished stitching back in May.  Here are the back and front of Hare Lines, containing a little note-book, and the little violet pin-cushion (sorry, too lazy to go check what the piece is called...)

The greatest surprise of the weekend was how long it takes to finish up the acorn ornaments from Cross-Eyed Cricket!  My goodness - this will take eons!  The shapes are odd, so you really have to manipulate the fabric a lot (= a lot of lacing thread and time) to get it to finally lie snugly and correctly around the cardboard.  I did at least make sure that all the batting is cut out and ready to go....  The caps and the cardboard were cut out a long time ago and have been waiting in one of those storage boxes that always seems to disappear as soon as you get the urge to roll up your sleeves and start some serious finishing work!  I bet most of you have at least one of those around, am I right?
Well, I did get 1/2 ornament finished.  I still haven't figured out whether I will use twisted cording or not.  Twelve ornaments all in all - not sure that I have the patience to twist for all of them.  :-)

I guess that I am trying to compensate for my snail speed finishing work by buying more stash... rational thinking, right?  Here are some pretty and very girly linens together with ditto and sparkly flosses.  These will be a couple of door prizes for a retreat in October.  I'd better get hopping if they are to be finished by then!  I am looking forward to stitching some real girly stuff.
I also found this other great chart from Lizzie*Kate; Oh Baby at the LNS.  The chart contains bunches of baby motifs, all of them the same size and style.  This makes it real easy to pull together a simple and personalized baby sampler, stitched with any color your heart desires.  I think that I will have a lot of fun stitching from this as well!

Well, other than that, I think that I managed to watch at least half a dozen animated movies this weekend (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Caste, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Over the Hedge, The Incredibles, Coraline, Bee Movie, and so on), so it''ll be real interesting to see what I dream tonight. 

 As always, take care and Happy Stitching!  I hope to visit you all real soon!


  1. Massa fint, som vanligt!! Längtar efter dig. Kan vi Skypa någon kväll i veckan? Pusspuss

  2. Wonderful update Jenny! Be Mine looks wonderful. What a lovely finish. The Patrick's Woods piece is stunning too. You do wonderful finishing.
    I think that new LK baby piece is great too.
    I hope that you have a great week.

  3. What a fun post! lol about that Lizzie Kate piece, I hadn't seen that one! Nice that you gathered some lavender from your garden. Love the finishing you did -- so pretty! Who would have thought those acorns would be so fiddly though? Wow! And the Heart's Content piece -- I just love it! That's so cool that Chris stitched the cover model!

  4. I am humbled by your finishing. It's fabulous! All your photos are wonderful! I have a bunch of lavender blooming in my garden ... I really ought to go out there & harvest some.

  5. You do such beautiful work Jenny! Everything is lovely.

    I had planted a bunch of lavender out front but I ripped it all up because it absolutely took over the entire flower bed! I miss harvesting it though and I will be planting some in another area very soon!


  7. I saw that new L*K and literally LOL'ed. It is too funny...........and TRUE. ;)

    Love the new finished stitchies!!!