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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where is my head!?

As always, thanks so much for all your comments - it means so much to me that you stop by to say hi! I have had a lot of fun reading all your notes and e-mails, especially about the "bad ass" misunderstanding. I can tell you that the lady in my stitch-group was apparently not the only one that figured that I had posted some more revealing photos of myself. So, if you thought that picture was confusing, what do you say about this?
(Hey, isn't that guy a vampire or somethin'!?)

So, a lot of great things are happening in my family now, which is really cool. I can not believe that I have forgotten to share some of these major events with you!
- Mom and Dad are finally retired, so they are busier than ever. This fall, they are going on a trip to Argentina. My Littlest Sis, who likes to "collect" experiences, gave them this really cool gift - a roof-top walk through Stockholm. The things people come up with! LOL Here are some neat photos that she sent me. I think that mom and dad look really brave! Stockholm looks as beautiful as ever too!

- Littlest Sis and her boyfriend are in Peru as I write this. (It was really cool - we Skyped through her cell phone while she was on her way through security at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.) She also e-mailed me the other day stating that "I have just completed my first triathlon It was crazy tough but super-fun". Kudos to her - my type of triathlon is probably quite different from hers; the stitch/watch bad TV series on Netflix marathon, followed by the ice-cream eating while wrestling to keep about a million birds out of the bowl and my mouth, and the final leg is the 2 hr nap. Phew - it's a hard life!!!
- I just started my new job-position last Friday (still not an official move yet though; boy, those bosses are way too good a procrastinating... insert "big sigh" here. (This particular transition has been in the works since December 2010 - they really can't just sit down at the computer, invest the 5 minutes it will take to type up the dratted announcement e-mail and hit the send-button - really!?!?! All right, enough whining!). I am now a member of a real team - yay! On Friday I am going canoeing with my new department. I have to confess, I am a little bit nervous about that, but I figure that I'd better jump into the group and maybe even the water.
Oh, and since we are talking about career and that stuff in this bullet - take the 15 minutes to watch this video: Sheryl Sandberg (the COO of Facebook) on Women in Leadership! If not for yourself, at least for your daughters, granddaughters, nieces and other young girls. Talk about this with them; these are the traps that most of us women have fallen into one time or another - not only through our careers.
Thanks Hip*Hip, for sending me the link!

- But the biggest piece of news is this - Little Sis and long-time fiancee got married the weekend before last! The main-event was the baptism of their second child (remember the PS birth sampler a few months back - yep, still waiting to be personalized...), but they figured that they'd just tie the knot officially at the same time.
Here is a picture from church, courtesy of Littlest Sister.
To the happy couple - Ha den äran att gratulera, Herr och Fru H.
My super-duper adorable niece was dressed in a dress bought for her by her favorite US-residential aunt...
Looks like a typical Swedish cool summer day:
This was the engagement piece that I stitched for the couple years ago. I remember being really pleased with the framing (home-made, no less) and I did home-delivery. It rode with me in the hand luggage on one of my trips home. I have been thinking that I really should stitch one up for DH and myself too one of these days.
Time to start thinking about a wedding sampler. I already have a quick stitch in mind.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I did get the second package of Maia kits in the mail. Bird pictures - can it get any better? LOL

I also picked up some neat display items from Hobby Lobby - love that store! Three ornament stands and a tiny ornie display tree:

I am also happy to report that I am finally getting up to a reasonable speed on the Hare Pyns pre-stitching. I can not believe how many hours I have spent on these super-tiny pieces!!! They do look great though, if I may say so myself, but there is an abundance of over-one stitching (tent, thankfully) and every potentially exposed linen surface is carefully covered in one type of filling stitch or another.
Note the ridiculously small size of the fob... (again, my hands are "normal sized"... you don't believe me, do you!? LOL)
The scissors sheath stitching is almost finished too, just some extra tenting around the bargello work and then it is finally off to begin stitching on the main-piece. That one will not be small...
Here is the Hare Pyns smalls modeled by "the real thing":
Bubba sends out an extra greeting to Heather! :-)

Before signing off, I have to tell you about a wonderful beginning of a morning earlier this week. Tuesday started out with me looking through the kitchen window while getting some tea going. Something was hovering in the air right in front of me and then sat down on the phone line just outside the kitchen. It was the first humming-bird of the season! This tiny bird gave me a wonderful sense of luck - nothing ought to go wrong when a day starts like that. Then I walk over to the other side of the house, to the living-room, to take care of my beast-birds. I glance through the window and see a Cardinal pair sitting in my crazy sunflower going to town on the seeds.
I left for work with a smile on my face that morning!

Well, time for both me and Bubba to jump into bed. I am sure that I have forgotten a bunch of things that I have wanted to tell you for several days now, but I will probably remember as soon as I hit the "publish post" button. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, take care and Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow, so much news! First off, that pic at the top is just weird. lol! What's up with that? And no, I did NOT think that pic was of you. No way! lol!

    Such exciting news about your family! Love the pic of your parents doing that rooftop walk. They are brave people, that's for sure! And congrats to your little sister on the marriage and all too! Pretty amazing about your littlest sis and the triathlon. Wow!

    Love your stitching piece for their engagement. And the bird kits -- so pretty! Finally the Hare Pyns -- wow! Just stunning! I so wish I could take that class!

    I've probably forgotten something, but whatever. :D I love hummingbirds!

  2. Wow, aren't you just full of cool news today! You go on that bunny stitching. I think Bubba looks like he's a big help. What a cutie!

  3. Congrats and best wishes to sis. Mom and Dad are very brave! Maybe they can use some of their shots for then next adventure movie. I think I will pass on that experience.

    Love your ornaments and how you have displayed them. Hare Pyns is looking great!

  4. 'Grats to your parents for their retirement and the next exciting phase of their lives and to little sis on her wedding. :D

    Yes!!! I think you should stitch a monogram for yourselves as well. :D

    Love those ornament trees!!! I miss Hobby Lobby.... we don't have them here. :( Love the Maia kits!! A friend stitch the sparrow one for me... it's gorgeous. :D

    Holy moly, those Hare Pyns are cute!! as is Bubba hare. :D

    Enjoy your canoeing trip!!

  5. Great post! Those key fobs are sooooo tiny. The engagement piece is amazing, who is the designer? And I love your frame with the "floating in the glass" effect, I must look out for one like it. While I'm looking out for ornament trees too!

  6. That is one weird picture. The river the UPS truck is too close to looks flooded. Bizaro.

    You have brave parents. My palms were sweating seeing your Mom on the roof edge.

    Your sister and DH look like models and congrats to them for taking the plunge and tying the knot.

    Hare Pyns is beautiful. Your stitching is always inspiring.

    Bubba is a beautiful bunny that needs to meet Buddy. Just kidding. I just like the B words.

  7. Hej sis! Vad roligt att vi får vara med i din blogg. Vi fick lära oss massa kul om Shlms historia som jag gärna vill berätta mer om när vi pratas.
    Spännande med kanotandet. Håller tummarna!
    Du gör så fina saker!
    PS. Allt fint i Peru, fast kallt

  8. Wow Jenny!
    First...I din't even know what to say about the pic! The sewing machine? the ups truck? the tux?
    my mind starts writing captions and trying to figure it all out. I start to think of Stephen King and vampires..was the ups guy trying to deliver that sewing machine? why is the guy in the tux smiling?
    Just too much for me to think about!
    What wonderfull family news! The rooftop tour of Stockholm looks incredible. Congrats to your sister and her family.
    The kits are wonderful.
    Aren't hummingbirds amazing? I always feel like I have been given a gift when I see something like that.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Congrats to your sis and her - now - husband! :)

  10. Hi Jenny! What an update! Your parents are so nicely adventurous.. not heard of rooftop tours, that sounds interesting! Congrats to your sister and her husband. What are Hare Pyns and why are they so small? Or is Hare Pyns just the name of the design? - Tracy

  11. SQUEEE!!! I threw my hands in the air in excitement when I read Bubba's greeting! Bunny kisses from Auntie Heather!

    Great pictures from Stockholm! That is a really unique way to tour the city.

    I can't believe the teeniness of Hare Pyns! You have done a great job on it, though. And I also in no way thought that was a picture of your bum!!! Honestly, I think the tan line in the picture was the worst! Well...maybe not the WORST. =)