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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ahhh, Saturday!

Hi everyone! As always, thanks so much for all your comments. A lot of you signed up for the give-away and I got a bunch of new followers from all over the world, which is always a thrill. The give-away drawing is scheduled for today, but I will get to that that later tonight. I have popped down to the basement to give a quick summary of the week, both in stitching and in general.

I would also like to thank you so much for all the sweet and interesting comments in regards to the "mixed mess" post. Thanks, I really appreciate it! Please keep in mind that I am still not real savvy when it comes to responding to comments. I am trying, but generally I just pop by your blogs and leave comments there. I hope that works!

We do now have two more contributors (and one in process) and 8 followers at the Brightneedle Blog, so that is really cool. One contributor, Maggee, even posted a picture of her stash a couple of days ago, so we are officially up and running now!
This will be my latest post on that blog; Brightneedle's Button Satchel:
Let me assure you, my hands are not of an abnormally large size, this pouch is just very, very small. The kit came without a photo or dimensions on the front cover, so as usual, I had no clue what I was buying... LOL
As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised (= long nose) when I opened up the package to find a piece of linen that was smaller than my hand to work with! Oh well, at least it meant that it was a quick stitch... A very small project for quite a bit of money, so I would probably not recommend this kit, if that is all right to say out loud - even though I do admit that it is very cute!!! Anyway, how much stuff can I really store in this pouch? Not even a lip-gloss... :-o
If you do decide to invest in the kit, be aware of the fact that the size is pretty much exactly as large as it needs to be, so take care when placing your stitch area. It has to be placed pretty much in the exact position that was intended for it, or you won't have any extra linen to work with in the assembly step.
BTW, the French manicure in the photo above is that "gel stuff" that I wrote about months ago. Still love it; the photo shows how it looks more than 2 weeks after having it done - impressive huh!?

Since we are on the subject of collaboration boards; I have finally gotten around to posting my first Christmas project over at the All Year Christmas SAL blog. I'll post the pics here too, but don't be shy - feel free to hop over the the Xmas SAL blog and check it out! :-)
Here it is; the Noel Quadrielle:
I decided to do the assembly a little bit different than how the instructions are written. Instead of using just one piece of interfacing, I opted to go for 4 separate pieces. I figured that it would be easier to get four crisp corners that way and I do believe that it did make the assembly a bit easier.
I am sure that most of you are well aware of this trick, but I do recall the mixed duh-and aha-moment when I first learned it; using a scanner to get perfect templates.
Scan back of stitched piece:
Pin cut-out scans to interface, card-board or any iece needed for assembly:
Iron corresponding piece of interfacing to back of stitched piece (remove scanned cut-out before ironing):
Finish as usual:

I have been on a finishing kick lately and I finally framed a Brightneedle piece that I stitched back in 2008. Oddly enough, I get more stressed out by all the stitched-but-not-finished projects that I have lying around than all the kits, charts and materials that are waiting for some TLC. The story about the frame is pretty neat, but I already wrote about that on the Brightneedle blog...

Four years after stitching the Sweetheart Tree Happy Birthday Knob Knocker, I finally finished it into an actual knob knocker using my newly arrived Far Far Away 3 fabric stash (yay!). I was lazy and used an elastic type lace-trim to finish the edges. I am not so sure that I like the hanger made with the lace, so I may have to rip out and modify a bit once I get a better idea.
Just a quick note about the fabrics. If you like me love the larger Snow-white prints, do not buy the fat quarters but do invest in the 1/2 or, even better, full yards. The reason why is that all my three Snow-white FQs were cut so that the main motifs ended up on the edges and the majority were snipped in half. I still love this fabbie, but I can't really do as much with it as I had envisioned. At least now I do have a better idea about color and size, so that will help for future orders. Let me know if you would like to see an example and I'll post or shoot an e-mail with a pic of my FQs.

Another finish; a small harvest bouquet kit from Fremme mounted on a Clara Weaver phone book that I found on e-bay for cheap a while back. I don't really need two phone books, so I have to figure out who to give one of them to (interested anyone?). I am pretty pleased with the way that it turned out, even though I went with a fairly bold printed paper for the back.

Not a whole lot going on here on the stitching front. I have pulled back out a sampler form the Scarlet Letter, the EH 1669 Reproduction Sampler, that I will try to spend some quality time with for a while. I am estimating that I am about 1/6 of the way there... (I love (not so much) how I always manage to get bird-seeds in all my pics, btw...)
My grand new beginning looks incredibly pathetic with maybe a total of max 30 stitches, so no use posting that sad story here...
However, I did bite the bullet and got the over-one stitching done for my Lucet class in October. Now I have a bunch of pre-finishing steps that I really should hop on board with, but it looks so complicated that I am a little turned off... ever felt that way?

Last, but not least - introducing our latest family member (as always, excuse the state of the floor. Believe it or not, DH vacuumed it less than 24 hrs ago...):
I am so excited - I have never had a bunny before, so if anyone has any special tricks and tips to share, I would be all ears! I am not sure what to name him yet. I have been thinking either Bobby, Chocolate or Kanin (the latter means rabbit in Swedish). All my name ideas are pretty lame, so if you have a suggestion for a name, don't hesitate to leave me a comment. That poor bunny needs a name!
He is a real snuggle-bun and the people at the pet-store says that he is really social with people but he does not like other bunnies. I have been cuddling with him like crazy and he doesn't seem to mind in the least. He is also pretty curious and hops around and sniffs at everything, so we will have to bunny-safe the living-room now (I hear that they like to gnaw on electrical cords and such, so we have our work cut out for us in that department). The birds are not real interested, which is pretty much ideal.
I love him more than I love my new shoes and that says something, 'cuz my new kicks are pretty cool!

Can you believe that I got even more spoiled than shoes and bunnies this week!? Hip*Hip gave me a couple of charts as a thanks for having fun last weekend. So sweet of her and absolutely not necessary! I love both of the charts, but the favorite is the May I chart from All Through the Night (which I have been admiring on-line with my hand hovering over the Buy Now icon...)
Thanks for spoiling me, Hip*Hip!!!! :-)

Well, time to run off. There are drawings to prepare and bunnies to cuddle with. I am planning on making some Patera jewelry tonight too - if i can get my printer to work, that is...

Thanks so much for swinging by! Have a great weekend and Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow, so much eye candy! I looooove Brightneedle!!! I should check out your blog -- somehow missed that. Love all your stitching and finishing. And your bunny -- so cute! I also love Scarlet Letter, but you probably already knew that. :D

  2. Great post, so much to comment on!

    We used to name our pets after characters in the book we were reading if that's any help?

    I love the finished Noel Quad, very beautiful.

  3. Goodness...you have been busy. Your finished ornament is just beautiful!

  4. I love your bunny! I think you should bring him to work. Working would be much more fun with him in my lap. :o) I don't know how you get so much done too!

  5. wow..so many lovely goodies..i really love the noel ornament..it is so sweet.and the bunny is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute..kisses xx

  6. hi jenny, thank you very much for stopping by my blog and answering my questions, hope they were not too much of a bother! i'm very honored; your work (especially the Noel Quadrille) is very beautiful and as I said I'm in total AWE. :)

  7. Oh, my, you've been busy, Jenny!! That Noel ornament is incredible and I dearly love your newest family member...

  8. Love the bunny. How about Choco or Coco.
    I know what you mean about the Lucet piece. I've picked it up half a dozen times and put it right back down. The directions suck - reallly!

  9. Wow - busy busy! Such great stuff it's hard to know where to begin.
    I had a dwarf bunny that lived to be 11 yo - they are darling to have as a pet. They will gnaw on everything in sight though and then some so you do have to be careful. I was fortunate that my bunny wouldn't step out onto smooth flooring so we just put her cage in a room with a 5'x8' area rug and she wouldn't step off that onto the wood floor i.e. it was easy to control her access to things. It's great having them out though because they do love to run around in circles and kick up their heels. lol

  10. Nämen ååå...en liten kanin :) MuxJunior kanske? ;)
    Du gör så himla fina saker Ich skriver superbra! You go girl! Ser fram emot att se fler broderier och smycken. Pusspuss fina

  11. Det är alltid så roligt att läsa din blog med djur och broderi (-: Den där julgransprydnaden var verkligen JÄTTEFIN!

  12. Fluffy!!!! He's all soft and FLUFFY!!! LOL!!!

    Great stitching pics, Jenny and NICE shoes. :D

  13. Oh my gosh, what gorgeous pieces!! Your finishing is amazing, too. You do such beautiful work. The bunny is adorable. Love love love your shoes! I wish I wasn't so clumsy and could walk in higher heels than what I wear.

  14. What lovely finishes! And lovely shoes! =) I think you will only be able to put buttons in that tiny bag!

    But I am extremely jealous of your little bunny!! I have always wanted one. The only problem is that the hubby is allergic to nearly every furred animal alive, so I imagine he'd be allergic to bunnies as well. And we have a lot of wooden furniture; I'd be afraid a bunny would chew....

    Who is teaching the lucet class? It is very disheartening when the assembly instructions take longer to figure out than to do!