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Friday, April 22, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

Absolutely first off - thanks so much to all of you for all kind and funny comments!  It is so enjoyable to hear from you!!!  I always mean to thank all of you, but then I get too excited to share new stuff with you and I end up forgetting.  I am shuffling my feet in embarrassement right now...

Happy Easter everyone!  I am back home visiting the family again (vacation this time), so everything is pretty fabulous as far as I am concerned right now!
I have finally been able to give Littlest Sister her cross-stitch gift, so now I can finally share this finish with you.  This is "Bacon & Eggs Photobooth kit" by one of my favourite designers as of the last few years: Bent Creek.  I found some scrap-booking paper at Michaels' and finished three "photo booth strips" using old pictures and mat-board/cardboard from my scrap pile at home.  All the photos are showing her and another family member (except for her baby picture).  The left hand side contains older photos and the right hand are more recent photos.  The last one on the right hand is of her and our new niece.
She was very, very happy and almost started crying.  Then we laughed together about the silly looking pig and chick - especially the second square from the top is a hoot!


I finished the photo booth two nights before the trip, so I had start on something new & quick; this is an old annual Christmas ornament from Homespun Elegance that I picked up at a sale somewhere a while back.  I did manage to finish it during the houers on various flights yesterday, so I'll show you a fresher pic next post.  I believe that this kit was released in 1995.  A lot of fun to stitch and ended up real cute, but it is much larger than it looks from the cover photo, and the colors are totally different.

Finally a quick birdie report.  This photo shows Turkey (on top) and Munin (squeezed in underneath).  This is how these two guys sleep together.  Every night.  Can you believe it!?  It just does not look comfortable to me at all, but I guess that they are perfectly fine with it...  Top photo is Monday morning, bottom photo is Tuesday morning - both pics taken in the darkness with a flash.

Leaving these guys is the worst thing about leaving home - I actually miss these rascals already!

Well, time to get to bed so that we can get up early and celebrate Easter!
As usual, sorry about the poor spelling - Swedish spell check does not do anything useful for the English language...

Take Care, Happy Stitching and talk with you in a bit!


  1. I am so happy for the wonderful present I got. I am even more happy to have you ho,e again so soon.
    Love you!

  2. What a great finishing idea for the photobooth. Bent Creek is on of my favorites too! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I love the photobooth. It's always nice to see some different finishes.

    I haven't forgotten about the bird chart, I'm planning a sort out of the large chest sometime soon. It's a big job because there is so much tuut piled on top of it before I even get in there!

  4. How awesome that you're home again. :D have a fantastic Easter with your family.

    Love the photo frame for your sis. Those birds are so darn cute!! I'd get a crick in my neck sleeping that way. LOL.

  5. Hi Jenny and thanks for the blog link! Oh what a great idea the photo frame is, great job! I hope you enjoy your stay in Sweden and happy stitching!