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Monday, April 11, 2011

This Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was crazy busy and I did not get one single stitch in!
Late Friday evening, June-bug and I shamelessly used her 8-year old son as an excuse to go watch the movie Hop, which is a film that combines live action and animation just like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" or "The Mask".  It is absolutely amazing how far this technique has come - the movie was really comfortable to watch and the interaction between real and animated characters was truly believable.  The story was all right and it was fun to watch, but I don't feel that I have to buy this DVD as soon as it hits the market.

I went out shopping and running errands for a few hours after noon on Saturday.  Ironically, the one errand that I really wanted to get crossed off the to-do list ended up left...  It is almost impossible to find shoe repair shops nowadays, isn't it? 
When I got back home, I got to open a few USPS delivered packages containing "must haves" that I had ordered online.  Here below, Henny is showing off our new neat egg-crate and roomy bread jar.  The bread jar is pretty neat; the lid doubles as a cutting board.  I also got some sweet measuring cups in form of vegetables and measuring spoons that look like sea-shells.  Now I just need to start cooking.....
In the evening we went to a business meeting/pot luck and we had a really nice time.   

Sunday was working-on-the-yard-and-the-house pretty much all day.  In the morning and afternoon we spent time replacing three of our (really expensive) rhododendrons that died over this past winter.  I got out early and bought a verbena, a maple-leaf hydrangea and a third bush that I can't recall the name of.  Fire bush, maybe?  The planting process took a lot of time and thermometer showed over 80 degrees, so we got hot pretty quickly.
Here are the "Before & After" pictures.  Check out the cool curved walls - aren't they just great!?  DH built these for me and I love them!
After hours in the yard spent on weeding, pruning dead branches, cutting down withered perennials and cleaning up leaves, I swore that I'll never skip the fall yard clean-up ever again...  Everything looks pretty nice now though - here are some photos of blooming tulips in front of a happy looking peony:
White lilacs and a pink almond tree (ignore the sad state of the lawn, please):
Japanese cherry and grape hyacints:
My new "garden bling" - stepping plates in form of cast iron turtles and a rain gauge.  The latter was bought through inspiration after the first set of very heavy spring storms.  We have had a turbulent Kentucky spring already - golf-ball sized hail in the east on Friday evening and 2 tornado touch downs during Saturday afternoon!!!
Some flowers are surprises.  I guess that I planted this last fall, but I have no idea what it is...  :-)  I am guessing anemone. 

After that, we got tired and had a break.  Some of us had coffee (me - check out the tiny fox sticking his head up of the drink).

Some of us got really, really, really tired and felt the need to hide in a cave in the bed (Scrappy...).
The last effort of the weekend was to hang some stuff on our very naked walls.  The bird-cage mirror was a must-have form an on-line store about 6 months ago - t has been leaning against a wall ever since.  We hung it in our itty-bitty master bathroom. 
I found the little wooden bird at a coffee shop on Saturday.  It gets to live next to my bird bell-pull from CeVeC. 
Finally, we spent a lot of time swearing over this decorative wall drape set from IKEA.  This set has been waiting to get up on the wall for about two years now, so once it was finally up, we were pretty happy.  At least I was, I have a feeling that DH is just happy about having me off his back...

Have a great Monday!

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  1. My goodness, Jenny. Those are some amazing flowers you've got there!!! I love them ALL!!!!!!!