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This is the list of all my WIPocalypse Projects 2012!  I will have hours of fun stitching, as you can see!

2012 WIPocalys Project List
1)  Nephew's birth sampler needs personalized (from Prairie Schooler's Wedding & Birth Samplers III) - Completed 4th week of Jan 2012, together with Nephew's 1st Xmas ornie
2)  Scarlet Letter's Wisdom and Innocence bell pull
3)  Eva Rosenstand's Wren On Branch bell pull - Completed on May 1st, 2012
4)  Sandy Orton's American Sampler
5)  SALs
             a)  Bent Creek's Snapperville - Stitched on in January & February
             b)  Moss Creek Design's She Maketh Fine Linen
6)  Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry
7)  Permin's Stockholmia
8)  Scarlet Letter's EH 1669 sampler - Stitched on in January
9)  Brooke's Books Designs' Just Married Sunshine Lane - Stitched on in January
10)  Moss Creek Designs Ukrainian pockets (have to check on the actual name for this one...)
11)  Madame Chantilly's Keys Collector  - Completed 1st week of Jan 2012

2012 Finishing List

1)  A Sailor's Huswif by Needle's Prayse
2)  Patricks Woods Lucet and Lucet Passementerie
3)  Blackwork Angels & Starry Night from Prairie Schooler
4)  Burda Christmas Heart
5)  In a Nutshell Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 from Cross-Eyed Cricket
6)  Patricks Woods' The Mermaid's Two Tales - Completed 2nd week of March 2012

7)  Nostalgic Needle's Mad Hatter Blackwork Bag  - Completed 1st week of Jan 2012
8)  The Heart's Content's Sewing Clamp~Sampler Bits - Completed 4th week of Feb 2012 
9)  The Swedish Wool pin cushion "Naldyna Fagel" from Fingerfarda (see above)  - Completed 1st week of Jan 2012
10)  BOAF Xmas pic  - Completed 1st week of March 2012
11)   Fremme's H.C. Andersen, The Fir Tree - Completed 4th week of Jan 2012

Added From the Lists on This Page
12)  Eva Rosenstand's Bird bell-pulls: "Wren on a Branch" and "Sparrow"
13)  Scarlet Letter's Shepherd & Shepherdess
14)  SamSarah Stockings: Sugarplums, Reindeer, Snow Kids, Ornaments - Completed on Xmas Day

New Starts 2012 List
1)  Just Nan's Scream House
2)  Merry Cox' Victorian Carrier - Part 2/6 stitched up 1st weekend of July
3)  Patrick's Wood's A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box (see above)  - Completed stitching 4th week Feb 2012
4)  The blackwork petticoat (?) from The Gift of Stitching magazine
5)  Carriage House Samplings' Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (SAL with Valerie)
6)  Reticello pin-cushion (my "new technique" project for 2012)
7)  Willing Hands' Hydrangea Clover Cutter Necklace  (bullion knots... gulp!  LOL)
8)   Scarlet Letter's Shepherd & Shepherdess -  Started in March & Completed 3rd week of April 2012
9)   Fremme's Altona Pillow  - Started in Jan 2012  
10)  Hillside Samplings' heart needle-book (?)  - Started 1st week of Jan 2012 - Completed 2nd week of February 2012

The Ooooops! List (or the "I Accidentally Started something Completely Different..." List)
1)  "Rabbits Big Day", "Rabbit's Garden", and "Rabbit's Delight" by The Cross-Eyed Cricket Collection  - Finished in Easter week 2012 (1st week of April)
2)  "Project 2012 - Antique Sampler" Free SAL 2012 Ellen Maurer-Stroh - Finished Parts 1 - 7
3)  Jenny Beans Pin Tyffet by Shakespeare's Peddler - Started & finished last week of Jan '12 
4)  Minitrousse «Ciel de Paris» by Les Brodeuses Parisiennes - Started & finished on 2/19/12
5)  Oehlenschlager 59333 - Finished into a pin-keep on 3/4, 2012
6) The Easter Rabbit Sampler by Goode Huswife - Started and finished in Easter week 2012 (1st week of April)
7) Prim Sisters Club 2012 "Prim Sisters School of Needlework" - Finished stitching 1st week of March '12 
8) Prim Sisters Club 2012 "Prim Sisters Needlebook" - Finished stitching 2nd week of April '12
9) Patricks Woods "Hare Lines Note book Jacket" - Finished stitching May 2012
10) Patricks Woods "A Pansy Pyn Cushion" - Finished stitching May 2012
11)  The Heart's Content "Be Mine" - Started and finished in the beginning of June, 2012
12)  Samsarah Design studio "Sugarplum Stocking" - Started & finished stitching July 2012
13)  Samsarah Design studio "Reindeer Stocking" - Started & finished stitching July 2012
14)  Fremme "Blue Sampler" - Started June 2012
15)  Schoolhouse for the Needle "Frog Pin Keepe" - Started & completed July 2012
16)  Just Nan "Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll" - Started & completed July 2012
17)  Chessie & Me "Pear Row Pin Cushion" - Completed July 2012
18)  Samsarah Design studio "Ornament Stocking" - Started & finished stitching July 2012
19)  Samsarah Design studio "Snow Kids Stocking" - Started & finished stitching September 2012

Class Projects That I Really Need to Get to One Day
Merry Cox:          Victorian Carrier
Patrick's Woods:  Wheelbarrow Whimsey
                             Button Lover’s Brag Book
                             A Visit from St. Nick
                             Santa Candy Bag
                             The Call of a Mermaid Thread Pocket & Summer Bird's Visit
Forget-me-nots in Stitches:
                             (To be continued)
CA Wells:            Acorn Scissors Purse
                            Cottage Needle Book
                            Pyramid Pin-cushion
Willing Hands:     Dianthus Box
                          Good for the Goose
                           Hydrangea Clover Cutter Necklace


  1. Grymt att du redan fått bocka av på listan! Mkt ambitiös plan och jag är säker på att det kommer att rulla på alldeles utmärkt med fler avbockningar.
    Pusspuss syster!

  2. Do you happen to know where one can find the CA Wells Cottage needle Book? I see you made mention of it here but i can't seem to find it.

    Thank you,