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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Happy End of a 36 Weeks and 4 Days Long WIP! (Not a stitching post....)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I can not believe that my last post was written back in September - wow, I am slacking!  I have so many things to share with you since then that I decided to split it all up into a few posts.  I begin with the most important one - presenting to you Little Miss O and her sister, Little Miss L.
Here they are at 5 days old:
As you may be able to tell, they are not identical twins, but they do look similar, I guess.  In the beginning I was super worried about mixing them up - how embarrassing would that be!?  As a matter of fact, after they came home with us from the hospital we kept the ID bracelets on them for another three days before finally feeling confident enough to remove them.
Everything has been going really well - the twins are like their parents, not patient at all, so they decided to come out three days earlier than scheduled.  The three of us went in for a regular check-up and just a few hours later they were out!  (Early onset of preeclampsia, so I got the nasty meds and the "leg pumpers" and all that good stuff for about three days after the C-section....)
The sound of their first cries is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.  I was lying there, no feelings in half my body (thank goodness for that!), surrounded by medical personnel (I bet there was at least 8 professionals in the room with us - one team per child.  Can you imagine the circus it must have been when Octomom gave birth?), and I was laughing and crying at the same time.  It was wonderful!

Getting ready to meet our girls:
 Holding the girls for the first time - oh bliss!!!

 Meeting my girls for the first time sparked a strange mix of absolute joy and deep sadness.  Joy that DH and I finally got doubly blessed after eight hard years of our more and more desperate attempts at becoming parents - I was finally done with pills, shots, surgeries, and the pain of hope that never seemed to want to die away.  Joy at the perfect human beings presented to us - absolutely beautiful and healthy - working hearts and lungs.  Joy at their small noses, fingers, toes, eyelashes, pink almost transparent skin, hair and their breathtaking blue eyes.
Sadness at the knowledge that I will do anything and everything that I can possibly do to protect my girls, but that it won't be enough to shield them from life.  I recalled all of the poor decisions I have made in my past and I know that I won't always succeed in protecting the girls from themselves and what is out there.  Sadness at the knowledge that they will turn away from me once they become teenagers.  Sadness at the pain they will have to go through; trying to find friends, incompatible boy friends, getting their period, being pushed by media and society into looking a certain way, behaving a certain way, and weighing a certain amount, giving birth and becoming mothers on their own with the same worries. I know it sounds strange, but that is how I felt.
The sad feelings have subsided since, so maybe it was just hormones going wild and crazy....  :-)  The joy is still with me every day!

Luckily New Daddy seems to be his calm and laid back self....
Here he is napping with his girls.  
(Oh, he has decided that they are allowed to date when they turn 30.  Poor, poor DH...)

The baby girls turned two months a couple of days ago and they are doing great!  Growing, gaining weight, eating, sleeping, you know the drill....
Christmas was fun and everyone was happy!
 The grandparents are excited!
DH's mom and dad visiting from Ohio:
 My parents visiting from Sweden:

 Bubba is confused...  "What the heck are those things!?"

Well, I'd better get going!  MIL is visiting and has offered to take care of the girls tonight while I get to go to a birthday/going away party for a good friend.  Next post will be about craft, I promise!!!
(4 days old below!)

Happy Stitching and talk with you in a bit!