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Monday, April 16, 2012

Reporting In! (... after days worth of napping... )

I hope that your Monday was as all right as mine was!  I think that my Monday was so good partly because I have been doing a lot of well-needed resting lately.
In all honestly, to say that I have been taking it easy is an understatement; the weekend was filled with one nap after the other.  As most of you probably agree with, things tend to all bundle up and happen at once and last week was one of those crazy "perfect storm" times.  What was nice was that the vast majority of all the craziness was very good such.  The outcome could not have been better for any of the events either, so not only am I napped out and "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" as one of my friends always says, but very pleased with life in general as well.

On the other hand, there is not a whole lot of stitching to show off.  I did manage to finish the third part of the EMS 2012 SAL and I "cheated" and worked ahead a bit on the second blue-bell border.  It is turning out pretty, if I may say so myself.  I am a tad nervous about the next assignment, since there seems to be an awful lot of confetti stitching in the flower bunches...  I am really not a fan of confetti...
So, I finally managed to iron the sampler before taking a shot.  Next time I'll try to remember throwing a ruler or something in there, so that you can see how small it really is.  (The pics are clickable, if you'd like to see some close-ups.)
Here is a close-up of the last couple of motifs.  I love the little brown bird perching on the budding rose branch.

I did manage to pull this Scarlet Letter shepherd together too.  This one is stitched over-one and let me tell you, after stitching the green hill that he is resting on, I am done with both green and over-one for a while.  I assume that the critter dancing to the pipe is a dog...or a very small horse..?  LOL
I have started his shepherdess companion, but not gotten very far (as can be seen from the pic below).  I am excited about her, since she has a pretty brown skirt with pink dots on.  I think that she will be cute! 

Finally, here is a framing (gasp! - You know that very rarely happens here.).  This is the Goode Huswife bunny framed in a cheap standard Michaels frame/mat kit.  I added the bunting scrap-booking stickers to the matting to give the arrangement a happier and more spring-time celebratory feel.   He is standing together with all the Easter carrots on my mantel now.... after all that Easter stitching, Easter is not over in our household for a while yet!  :-)

I did take a number of photos of spring flowers in the garden this morning, but I feel another nap coming on, so I'll have to show you those some other time...  ;-)

Take care, Happy Stitching and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway if you haven't already done so!  Oh, and speaking of; thanks so much to the 18 followers who have left comments so far.  Your lists of three things that make you happy are so uplifting!  I have a feeling that I will go back to re-read your "happy" comments many times in the future!


  1. Ok, I absolutely love every single one of your projects. Wow! the EMS piece is really gorgeous! I should really go start collecting the patterns, shouldn't I? And the SL piece -- so sweet! That's a lot of dense over one though. Love how your bunny framing came out too! As for napping -- sounds good to me. :D

  2. Your EMS piece is stunning. I mean it, really, really pretty! I also love the piper and the dog or horse or whatever he is! Your framed bunny turned out great and Iuve the bunting border you added. Well done, you!
    Sounds like things are good. I'm glad for you!

  3. Your EMS piece is indeed remarkable.

    I like it very much.


  4. I love your cute idea for the matting on Goode Huswife piece.

  5. Lovely stitching Jenny :)
    Your EMS is really gorgeous as well as the other projects :D
    Enjoy your naps :)

  6. Hello

    New follower here!

    I love your EMS piece it's colours are so pretty.
    Your framing looks lovely with the extra bits on the mat you've made it look great.

    Your other WIP is lovely too.

  7. Hey Jenny!
    I am glad to hear that you have gotten some rest!
    Your SAL is beautiful. The colors in this sampler are wonderful, so pretty.
    Wow on the bunny frame! He is so fun.

    Have a great week!

  8. oh, i love the buntings on your frame, so creative! the bunny looks much happier with it :) we have buntings cris crossing from house to opposite house when we have what we call "fiestas" -- and no, i'm not from mexico or south america! lol

    your EMS SAL is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Your EMS piece is just gorgeous. Such pretty colors! I love your SL piece too and know exactly what you're saying about green and grass. I've been using a lot of green filling in grass and I would like nothing better if I never say that color again! :o)

  10. Men gud så söt haren är! Superfin ram. Tycker allt att fler av dina verk förtjänar inramning :)
    Ska bli kul att se hur stor/liten den andra fina är. Hittat någon fjäril än?
    Tänker på dig och längtar.

  11. Sounds like you really needed the rest, Jenny :)

    Your bunny finish with the bunting is so adorable--you're right--the bunting makes it so fun!!! Lovely work on your other projects as well...

  12. Lovely stitching, as always!! :)

  13. I love your bunting idea, I'm stealing that one! The ENS is looking good too, what count is the fabric?