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Friday, March 16, 2012

Singing in the Sea...

She is done - the Mermaid with her two tales!  I had to share her with you.  I had hoped to get her completely done before the Patricks Woods class last weekend, but I never got around to attaching the cording around the edge.  I did bring it to show it to Sherry though.  She is probably the most encouraging teacher I have ever had - she really celebrate all her students finishes with them!  She even complimented the tricky curves - yes, I was terrified before starting to work on them!  LOL

Here is Miss M in her calming mode, talking with the fish and letting the ships pass on calm waters.
Here she is in her party mood - the seafarers are getting a ride for their money and the fish have already taken cover....  I added little MOP shells for "feet" at the bottom of the clutch.
Here is the clam shell inside with a monogrammed pocket and where a part of my growing scrim collection will live.  :-)  The little pin-cushion and the sweet needle-book with the adorable sea-horse were part of an optional kit that we could buy when taking the class.  I did not think twice about picking that one up!
Check out the gussets!  LOL  And the pretty mermaid with her mirror on the front of the pin-cushion.  She is such a talented designer!  All of this beautiful design is stitched with just two floss-colors, which is so right for this pretty ensemble.

The mermaid is not the only piece I have been finishing lately.  I am not real sure what has gotten into me,, but all of the sudden I have a ball just finishing the oldies on the "almost there" pile!  This is an Oehlenschlager design with a little pig and a flock of adorable, and curious, hens.  You can check out other cuties here!  (I can hear the rooster pin-cushion calling my name.  I already have the pretty tulip design in my to-stitch-one-day pile.)  Anyway, since I already finished the Oehlenschlager goose design into a pin-cushion, I decided to make a piggie pin-disc.  I had the neat chain-link fence fabric in my stash and I added a chicken button on the back for fun,

I did also manage to get my BOAF ornament finished.  I used one of the cool hand-dyed rick-racks that I got in the trim-pack from Down Sunshine Lane (thanks for enabling me, Bzz*Bzz*Bee, LOL).  I like how it turned out, but I guess that I need to put it away until Xmas comes around, right?

While on our trip, L-bug and I stopped by a delightful needlework store.  (I'll write more about that next time.).  I didn't buy a whole lot, but since the store was also specializing in framing, I decided to pick up some teeny frames to go with some tiny designs.  To soothe my guilt over buying more stash, I stitched up a couple of quickies after Tuesday, which is when my total stitch exhaustion had lifted a bit (the stitch-tempo was pretty intense over the weekend.  To put it mildly...)  Here is a super-adorable cardinal frame and a little spring-green thing with accompanying designs.
Here is the finished spring bunny (The Littles Bunny by Bent Creek) - I added the bow-tie so that he is dressed up and ready to go.  Too lazy to get the called for floss in the store, so I just pulled from the stash.
Here is the Cardinal ornie in progress.  The glue is still drying for this one, but meanwhile I am having fun thinking about what ribbon (and maybe a couple of pieces of adornments) to use.  I did switch out the cross-stitches used for the berries for beads.  Of course!  :-)  And the white details on the hat were stitched with Whisper.  
The design, Tree Trimmings II, and the frame are from Poppy Kreations.

I wonder if all of you are experiencing the strangest spring ever too?   Two weeks ago - the spring flowers are ready to go:

And then - snow!!!  And not a little bit (for here in KY, that is).
Isn't it pretty!?
Before signing off, I have to show you my baby-Hen keeping me company in the bathroom.  I am applying make-up and she is taking care of the Q-tips.
It's hard work, but mommy needs help with stuff early in the morning.  (I love her, can you tell?  LOL)
And lastly, just to show that I am not making up stuff.. ;-)  Here I am in Ohio, with my freshly glued Blue Ribbon Box!  I'll show more photos of the weekend that was next time.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate the visit!  Take care, have a wonderful spring and Happy Stitching,


  1. WOW amazing work. I love it all, you are very talented. You give me inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Darlene

  2. oooooo well done on the stitching and the finishing *VBG
    and gorgeous shots of spring weather and not so spring weather ..lol
    and awwww she looks so cute there :)
    off to go and get something done now I've looked at all your wonderful stuff :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Wow, your mermaid piece is stunning! Just gorgeous -- exquisite finishing! And love the little frames! And the pieces you stitched to go inside. Nice finishing in general! Can't wait to see your class piece etc...... Cute helper too!

  4. Beautiful work! A true keepsake.

  5. What gorgeous stitchings! And I ama apparently living in the wrong part of Kentucky because we didn't get that lovely snow : (

  6. Very cool finishes. I love the mermaid set - the assembly work on that is fantastic! Your other pieces are just great too.

  7. Congratulations on a beautiful mermaid piece. Love the little story you put with it.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your blue ribbon box.


  8. Your stitching is so inspiring Jenny. The mermaids are just beautiful. Love the pigs and geese and little things too. I wish I could get half as much done. Can't wait to see the weekend pictures. Don't forget, I'll be in AZ if you want anything :0)

  9. Wowowow, vilken underbar sjöjungfru! Haha, söt ram med pippin. Du är bäst! På Skype snart?

  10. Impressive finishing Jenny! I absolutey adore the mermaid piece.

  11. You sure have been busy!! All your stitching is beautiful!! Love your flowers too! And Hen....such a cutie!! My favorite piece you showed is your mermaid piece....simply awesome!

  12. I love all your new finishes. The pig and chickens design I had never seen before. My new conure baby likes to "help" me sew, she will sit under my hoop and pull at the threads.

  13. Love the frames! Maybe I will stitch a little while I watch some march madness. Mike is making red beers for the game. Already drank a green one.

  14. Great post, something for everyone!

    I love your mermaid stitching and the finishing is amazing!

  15. Clearly I am way behind in blog reading.... So, I love the little chicken pincushion, but I am here to WOW WOW WOW over your finished mermaid clamshell! I really need to finish mine...or even begin to stitch it, LOL!! It looks great!