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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Lost in Dreams.... about Pears and Crows

... it has happened again; I have completely fallen for a new theme.  I am obsessed.  I forget dinner and skip bed-time.  I am in the need of collecting every single item there is - I have the urge to find each photo and project that have ever been posted on the internet - I need all of them, right now!!  I look for cross-stitch patterns, penny-rugs, traditional embroidery, quilts, anything!!!  What am I talking about this time?  Yummy golden pears and prim-style black crows.

It all started (way too late) yesterday night.  I was browsing the net for something that I can't even recall now, and came across this gorgeous piece on Laura's blog, Maude & Mozart.  Needless to say, I contacted her immediately and just a few hours later I knew that the beauty's name is Pear Row Pincushion and it was designed by Chessie and Me.  Aren't stitchers simply the greatest group of people in the world!?

It looks like the Pear and Crow theme is one that C&M has toyed with a few times.  Here is the cross-stitch pin-cushion (I only found it in two on-line XS stores, by the way):
 A wool-mat, felt-pincushion, and punch-needle picture:

After that, I lost control.  I have always loved the little partridge in the pear-tree from With Thy Needle.  I have the pattern, but I keep wasting good stitching time on the net... LOL.

I love the sweet finish of this Xmas ornie by Hands to Work (JCS Ornament Issue 2005):

Tiny cross-stitch picture by Akitty Kats Originals:

Look at this beautiful wall-quilt from Blueberry Hill Quilt Designs called Pears and Pinwheels.  You can totally add a crow or two...
 I love the design even more in this blue and gold version personalized by Susan (here is her blog SeeSueSew) - click on the photo, it is well worth a closer look:

I am real anxious to sew up one or two of this yummy looking (and lavender scented) door-stop posted on Scrapiana, here.

 An inspirational wreath (shouldn't be too hard to make something similar, right)?:

Gulp - I need a bigger house!!!!  To add insult to injury, after I put the C&M chart from Stitches'n Things in my basket, I added the only I-can't-live-without-it item that I have seen from the Nashville Market previews:

Isn't it pretty!?  This is the Shabby Chic Pendant from Giulia Punti Antichi.  
Stitches'n Things is getting in a few limited kits, so one of them made it into my basket too - I am excited!!!

Believe it or not, I have had time to stitch a bit between the frantic surfing sessions.  I'll show you pics some other day.  Back to the stitching with me - the Sherry Jones class is quickly approaching...

Happy Stitching and Merry Spring wishes,


  1. And I've been eating a pear with lunch too! lol! What great examples of pears you have! I do love that design that started it all very much.

  2. wow all the pears are super cute..i love them all so much..
    i love this cute post from my heart..
    big hugs for you cucki xx

  3. Wow, what lovely things you have found! I love this motif too :)

  4. I like crows & pears too & you have some great pieces! Blessings, Shirlee

  5. I am lovin' those pears and crows!!!!

  6. Who would have thought there would be so many things with pears and crows? All adorable!

  7. Nice motif!!! I loved the CM chart and those wall tins! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. Hihi, att du blev så glad i päron :)
    Puss på dig syster. Längtar efter dig!

  9. LOL! You are too funny. I heartily approve of the new theme. I have a thing for pears and crows myself. :)

  10. Adorable inspirational pictures - thanks a lot for sharing!