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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Happy Saturday!  The weather is beautiful here today - after a few days with well-needed non-stop rain.  The temperatures are down and everything looks fresh and clean!

Yesterday evening, I finished up my last Crowjacker.  Check out this spooky & very, very scary collection:
 I stitched these figures because I thought that the Crowjackers were just about adorable, so I was a bit surprised to find that the Moonriders are my favorites now.  Hopefully, I'll get around to finishing them up this weekend!

I also started on my second Fremme bird picture.  This one looks a bit more stitch-intense than the first one, so it will be interesting to see how long this one will take to finish up...

Before I jump on to breakfast, I wanted to show you this super-sweet fabric collection by Heather Ross for Kokka Fabrics - this is my latest fabric obsession.  This is the third collection in the "Far Far Away" series.  I love the themes, the colors, the artistry - everything!  Kokka Fabric is a Japanese company and is the same design house that also prints up the Echino brand (another of my obsessions).  Anyway, being a Japanese collection made with fabrics that are a mix between cotton and linen, the prices are a tad high... one can always dream, right?  Anyway, this is Far Far Away III:
My favorites - Snow White in  light blue and green - the birch trees are wonderful!
Playing With Horses in brown - cow-girls playing with horses; who'd thought about using that for a fabric design?

And here is the pretty Far Far Away II collection, with Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Owl & The Pussycat:
 Some examples of finished goodies - some sweet bags from Blue Nickel Studios:
A gorgeous quilt, Sand Castle, from Chasing Cottons (pattern available for Ay $ 10):

Finally, here are some snippets from the first collection.  Unicorns, The Princess on the Pea, snail repeats and frog-princes....  Love the colors!

A lot of the fabrics from the earlier collections are still available at Etsy - quite a few of them at outrageous prices, but still...  ;-)

Talk with you in a bit and Happy Stitching!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Just Nan's. They are too stinkin cute. I now have more to add to the wish list....you are such an enabler Mrs. Jenny!!! You know me and Halloween. Those are really cool fabrics also. Hugs!!

  2. Love the Halloween designs...too cute!

    I will enjoy watching your new start come to life...love the color that you are stitching with!

    Thanks for sharing the fab fabrics! What lovely designs!

  3. The halloween stitchings are adorable, Jenny. :D

    And holy pretty fabbies!!!!

  4. Just now getting back to commenting after being on the retreat. Love the Halloween stitching. Too dang cute!

  5. Vilka söta tyger och vad fina halloweenbroderierna blev!
    Nu är jga tillbaka på jobbet efter en veckas surfning i Portugal. Hade gääärna semestrat mer! :)
    PUsspusspuss syster