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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Large HD

Hi all and thanks so much for all your wonderful comments!  I am especially delighted to hear what you had to say about the fabric choices in my last post.  Get this, not a single person had picked the same fabric!  I love it - that means that whatever I pick, it will be right!

I have to show off my latest finish real quick.  This is the Drawn Thread SAL that I have posted about a couple of times in the past.  Well, she is done; here is Drawn Thread's Sampler of Stitches:
Here is a picture of the entire sampler:
 ...and a close-up of the last part (finished yesterday night):
I loved to work on some of the parts while other parts were pretty painful. 
I did notice that I enjoyed stitching the larger areas rather than many, many very small areas.  The larger sections allow you to practice the new stitch and get a flow going.  
I also learned that I love to do pulled thread work!
I have absolutely not idea what I'd like to do with this sampler.  I am looking at it and it is pretty and all, but I am very much undecided.  Right now, I have a real hard time believing that I will ever frame it and hang it on my wall. 
I'll bring it with me to tomorrow's stitch-in and see what my peeps say...

I also got a really nice surprise in the mail earlier this week - my floss from Examplarery arrived, so I guess that the Canadian postal strike is over.    All the text is in and now I get to concentrate on the border, which I really do enjoy!  I think that Queen stitches are a lot of fun.  
It is not all song and dance though; I almost threw a fit yesterday when I realized that the border is not the last part that I have left after all!  I also need to fill in the rest of the grout in the house!  Blah - I am not looking forward to that.  Not  at all.  I know that this is the very last part, and that it should be "easy" since it is just filling in areas with cross-stitch, but it is that boring "invisible thread" type stitching, so I am real keen on skipping it all together.  I know that I won't, but I will at least dream about it for a while... [ Oh, and I should probably work on whining less too.  ;-)]

And this is the final stitch-update for tonight - the Rosenstand bird bell-pull in coming along nicely.  I think that I have completed 1 page out of 4 now, which is not too bad.  As I mentioned in the last post, it really is a long piece, but the stitching-intensity is pretty low, due to all the naked areas. 
This is yet another one of those kits where the colors on the cover-photo have very little resemblance to the real thing.  The real-life colors are much brighter and greener than the dull browns and olive greens in the picture.  Luckily, I still like the way it looks, so that is great.  The bird is clamping onto the bamboo (I think that is what it is) very close to the bottom on this design.  I am already looking forward to stitch on him!  But fist there is a large tuft of leaves to take care of at the top of the bamboo.

Lastly, I wanted to show you the somewhat funny in a low-key (and probably low-cost) way; the "fortune cookies" that we get from the Thai restaurant close to work.  We eat lunch there about every other week and I have now convinced my co-workers to ask for the statement cookies rather than fortune cookies with the bill.  Here is the interesting mix of random sentences we got last time:
All in all, pretty funny, I think!  My coworkers do this thing, that I am sure is in no way unique for that group, where they read the fortune to the rest of the lunch participants and always end the fortune with "in bed" to make it all so much more amusing.  
After glancing at the examples above, I don't think that "sprucing up" is necessary at all.  But, now again, DH keeps claiming that I have an odd sense of humor and that I am easily amused...  I hope that maybe one of you, dear blog readers, has the same type of humour.  Makes the world such a more amusing place to be, doesn't it!?

Well, time to get to bed.  We have a "morale boost even" at work tomorrow, which means that we will have to play games and eat sandwiches in the park from 10 AM to 2 PM.  I am looking forward to it, even though I have a feeling that we will be up in the 80:s temperature wise.  Take into account that I am the type of woman who "glistens" bucket-fulls and  you get the picture.  Not necessarily a pretty one....   :-b

Take care, stay out of the heat, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OHHH love the drawn thread .. it is wonderful and the charts are excellent for future reference too :) nice work on your bird one too :) love the fortune cookies and yup have the same sense of humour and I am giggling at the last sentence .. hope you Glow gently at your meeting ;) take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

  2. Oh girlfriend, I'm never going to read a fortune cookie the same again. What a hoot!

    The stitching looks awesome. I can't wait to see it in person tonight.


  3. WHOOOOOHOOOOO, congrats on the finish, Jenny. Looks amazing! :D

    LOL on the fortune cookie. We add "in bed" to the end of each sentence.... "You will always get what you want through your charm and personality... in bed." LOL!!!! Sometimes they get really funky.

  4. I love the Drawn Thread sampler. If you cannot decide what to do with it, please send it my way!!

    My favourite fortune cookie was one opened by my ex-husband "it is better to have loved a short person than to have never loved a tall" He was 5foot 2inches!!

  5. Beautiful finish! Happy stitching on your WIP...

  6. Fint syster-yster! Såklart den ska ramas in och sättas upp, eller?? Snabbt jobbat med pippin på Banmbun. Tack för att du givit läsandet av fortune-cockies en helt ny dimension! Samma humor här :)
    Puss fina!