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Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday - Finishing Weekend!

Do you ever feel like all your stitched up pieces just keep piling up in a box or on a shelf somewhere?  That is one of my biggest problems... I just don't take the final hours to finish up!  Well, this weekend I'll try to finish my newly stitched fob, ornament and the Birdcage designed by Just Nan!  The laundry can wait; I'm on a mission!!!

But first I have to show off the completed part 8 of the DT SAL!
Joyce was wondering which design this is, since I neglected to share that in my last post - sorry about leaving that out... (Go and check out her progress on her gorgeous Chinese Mandala, by the way!)  The design is the Sampler of Stitches by Drawn Thread.  It was published as a 9-part series of "chart packs" a few years back (2008, I believe).  Each chart pack (included charms or beads where the design demanded it) was $10 or more, so I told myself that if I bought all 9 charts, I would really have to stitch the sampler!  Luckily, a couple of my friends were really interested in stitching the project too, so we made it a SAL and that has kept as all fairly well on track.  
Just one more part to go, iron, add charms and wooohooo!   Oh, I have to frame it too?  Kinda' like "finishing it"...? Oh....

Here is the pile of Grand Plans...  Bitten off too much?  Yeah, aim high and maybe finish one ornie, is my motto!

Well, have to stop babbling - time to get that ironing board out!
Happy Stitching and See You in a Bit,


  1. I do like that sampler, it looks like a big project. How nice that you have a group of friends all stitching it to encourage you.
    I'm exactly the same with the finishing/framing. Mum was nagging me this afternoon to get some more pictures on the walls! She is very tactful, she says "When do you want Dad to put some nails in the walls for your pictures?"

  2. Wow, vad fin den är! Love it!
    Gillar att jag skymtar en snutt svenskt tenn också. En blog-post om dem hade jag gillat :)